August 24, 2016

James Otto’s Wisdom: 

hungry is a loud cry in the african community bye its leaders all over the usa!!! yet why do they do it? they are more then well fed. The african community believe’s that starvation creates gene’s that give them the will to survive. so the leaders DELIBERATELY starve the children etc. They tell the starving kids to DRINK WATER(lots) to kill the HUNGER… hence, constant training to get HUNGRY EYE’s…. knowing this fact and FLINT water to suppress the HUNGER FEELING when forced starved bye adults on strict law not to feed the CHILDREN to induce the FEELING of starvation in the USA and high lead levels in children in flint!!!… when starvation is only seen in the HOSPITAL…. the africans are doing it in a misdirection and anger is directed at whites when the african took the food away!!! this is military demon training and the mass marketing of the DEMON FEDERAL ELECTED… THE ARMY IS GROWING and they all experience hunger and they said it was the WHITE MAN who did it!!!! like hill street blues discharge to the streets: BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!! the african demon ministers are raising the TASTE of starvation!!!! and they control all the food stamps!!!


The News article : 

Caring people are reaching out to help seniors keep their “Meals on Wheels Program.” The Detroit Area Agency on Aging says seniors are in danger of losing their meals and being placed on a waiting list, but you can help make sure this doesn’t happen.  Watch the video player for the story at 7 Action News at Noon.
TheAgency  has launched its annual giving campaign called: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Hungry.”  The group says there are more than 750 seniors on the waiting list and current clients are in danger of being placed on the waiting list.
The agency’s  Meals on Wheels program feeds thousands of homebound and disabled seniors residing in the city of Detroit and metropolitan areas including the five Grosse Pointes, Hamtramck, Harper Woods, and Highland Park.
Click the link for more details on how you can help the Detroit Area Agency on Aging.
When you get to the main page click the “Donate” tab to see how you can help.

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