August 24th 2016

James Otto’s Wisdom :

Her two girl friends were already arrested for a being drunk and they texted her to come and pick them up and she had enough mental processing to park near the police station were the girlsin in would walk to the car. yet this happens? only sweatshirt? it brings back memories of this girl saying to me: WHEN I GO TO TORONTO FOR THE WEEKEND I ONLY WEAR A SWEAT SHIRT!!!! I did not know what she meant? Like the 1812 war the brits came and burned down DETROIT so you take what you can mabye a sweatshirt and leave? then usa forces then drove to toronto and capture it and may them to stand outside in a sweat shirt in full spirit of spirit disco and deuce the big dance? the big dance, since mr ford said the onlly war we ever fought was the 1812 war!!!! it is a modified version of helen of TROY taken to turkey… that is why ford had the turkey game over the taken girl in the sweatshirt? it is always the 12 war? ask TOM(turkey) BRADY number 12?

Here is the news article itself: 


Talk about getting caught with your pants down.

On Aug. 14, Troy police stopped a black Impala driven by 23 year-old Samantha Alfaro of Lansing for suspected DUI on northbound Rochester Road at Hartwig Drive.

The female officer who made the stop was stunned to find Alfaro was naked from the waist down. Police dash cam video showed what happened.

“Where’s your clothes? Where’s your pants?” the officer asked.

Asked how much she had to drink, Alfaro responded, “Too much. Just take me to jail already!”

The officer was more than willing to grant Alfaro’s request, but there is a dress code.

“Try and put your pants on. You’re going to be getting out of the car,” the officer said.

The dash cam shows the officer probing the car and questioning a 19-year-old passenger. Alfaro remained half-naked and unafraid during much of the encounter. But with the pending arrival of another male officer, a “cover-up” ensued.

“Just put your pants on okay cause there’s a male officer coming and I don’t want you to be exposed, you know?,” the female officer said to Alfaro.

Alfaro complied and was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, first offense.

When Alfaro called for a ride home the story took another strange twist. Jocelyn Reardon was stopped for DUI 200 yards from the Troy police station when she arrived to pick up Alfaro. Reardon was wearing a tee-shirt and little else.

“Are you wearing any clothes other than the shirt?,” an officer asked.

You guessed it, no pants. Reardon was also charged with OVI.



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