August 27, 2016

James Otto’s wise words:

TWO SHOOTERS and two witnesses that does not make sense? this reminds of chief evans during summer school and a crowd of students were waiting outside a gas station for a bus. Then a VAN pulled into the gas station like it is chicago south end of obama were he can not return since his daughter still is in school and they shoot them in chicago going to school. Then two kids with hand guns got out and pulled their T shirts over there face and started shooting into the crowds of students waiting at the bus stop!!! CHICAGO SOUTH END and BUTCHER YARDS recreated in detroit during evan era. TWO WITNESSES REALLY surprises me in that photo?


News article: 

(WXYZ) – 7 Action News is back on the hunt for one of Detroit’s most wanted, as police say a man was ambushed at a gas station early Monday morning.

Bobby Beverly, 33, was sitting in his car at a gas station near Grand River and Evergreen in northwest Detroit when two men, one with an AK-47, opened fire.

The suspect’s then got in a light colored Impala and took off, leaving Beverly to die inside his car.

Detroit police have released surveillance video, which you can see above, in hopes of arresting the suspect’s.


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