August 28, 2016

James Otto takes on South West airlines for engine failure:

we know the southwest was a very bad flight area and major airlines allowed a risk taker to have that area called SOUTHWEST!!! in the distant past!!!! The weather was just too bad with cross winds and the unknown turbulence forces. Yet we know the big easy and if you win a big game you go to orlando to DISNEY WORLD. If we remember the paris to egypt flight that crossed over the WATER or met sea, and it disappeared!!!! here we have a flight from the bit coin easy over water to ORLANDO!!!! SAME SHOW as paris to egypt or rossetta stone tactics?


The news article: 

A Southwest airlines flight bound from New Orleans to Orlando was forced to make an emergency landing in Pensacola, Florida because of an engine issue.

Southwest flight No. 3472 landed in Pensacola at 9:40 this morning, 10 minutes after discovering an engine issue. None of the 99 passengers and five crew members were injured.

Photos on social media showed extensive damage to an engine on the left side of the aircraft.


@10TV southwest plane from New Orleans to Orlando’s engine blew in the sky. This was my dads boss’s picture he


Passengers on the plane was placed on another flight, and were expected to arrive in Orlando at 9 p.m.


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