August 30. 2016

James Otto:

war games with ally and broderick? broderick was HIGHWAY PATROL in the tv series? the shooting was with a shotgun in the previous reports or a shotgun wedding? We know a shotgun leaves no bullets for ID. I think her name is alexandra like the queen of russia before the revolution where they took her to the woods and killed her? with fish lake road… we know the symbol for christians was the fish sign and the deeper seoul is symbolized bye the LAKE in jung brain structure. A jogger is like a marathon runner which notified athens that the invasion is happening with the muslims and the spartans have fallen. THe messenger then dropped dead at 26.1 miles and his heart was cut out. That is where they light the fire for the olympics at the site of the heart. informing the world of the basements of protestants chruches filled with muslims and communists about to attack.


News article:


ROSE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) – It has been a month since the brutal murder of a woman while she was jogging in Rose Township.

Police are still searching for the person responsible for the shooting death of Ally Brueger.

Ten to 15 detectives are working around the clock, with the help of more investigators from across the state, as piece-by-piece they try to figure out what exactly happened on Fish Lake Road.

We know Brueger was on her daily run on her routine route when it happened.

What is not known: why someone would shoot the 31-year-old in the back multiple times in cold blood. It is also still not clear if she knew her killer.

“It’s hard to say,” said Lt Michael Shaw of the Michigan State Police. “There is some evidence that puts us in that direction, but also there is not enough evidence to rule out that this was a random event.  Always what you want to do when you look at these particular investigations is that you don’t rule out anything until you absolutely know for sure and we can’t rule out either side of this yet.”

Shortly after the murder, state police said they started looking for a white or light colored sedan seen by someone nearby.

“They saw that particular car on Fish Lake Road around 2:30 that afternoon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that car had anything to do with it,” said Lt Shaw. “What we don’t want people to do is say ‘Well, I saw a red pickup truck that day and I’m not going to say anything about it because they are looking for a white car.’  So if you saw something suspicious and you want to talk to law enforcement about it we will take any tip that’s out there.”

Investigators are asking for the public’s help in bringing the registered nurse’s killer to justice and help provide some closure for all who loved her.

Police believe someone out there has just the right clue they need.

“In an investigation like this or any type of crime, people talk and the talk about it,” said Lt Shaw.

A $2,500 dollar reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case.  Michigan State Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at 1-855-MICH-TIP or call your local police agency.


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