August 30, 2016

James Otto:

detroit vs everybody and everybody comes through E. LANSING. WHY A CITY? we know in the civil war there were two names for battles. the south named all battles after the near bye CITY. while the NORTH name the the battle after river passing bye. So east lansing is bound bye GRAND RIVER and RED CEDAR RIVER or union position… THE UNION is on GRAND RIVER AND WEST CIRCLE. so when the war was about to begin they relocated the CAPITAL to lansing from detroit and you travel down grand river to the capital. football is simulated civil war?


News article:

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WXYZ) — “Make no mistake about it, we are the reigning Big Ten champions, and we need to work hard to defend that.”

Those were a few of the opening words from 10th year Michigan State head football coach Mark Dantonio as he opened the regular season with his initial press conference.

After his press conference, Dantonio sat down with Justin Rose and expanded on that thought, among others as the 12th ranked Spartans prepare for Furman on Friday night at Spartan Stadium.


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