September 29, 2016

James Otto:

Imagine how many were waiting to get on the train when the PUSHER TRAIN that means the engine is the rear car came into the station and shoved the cars in the barrier and on to the boarding platform. THe birth place of frank sinatra the train came into station like a sword being thrusted. Elizabeth town from terrorist dude is down the street. if disabled you can make it out since the doors were crushed and you had to climb out the windows. It took down the electrical wires and roof and it was raining… live wires and wet people on metal!!! looks like the WTC train depot post 911. engineer fell asleep? this is not a SCULLY landing? I guess they want us to be informed that car-uber, train and plane and boat are all embedded and your life is at risk…

News article: 

Commuter train hits New Jersey rail station, more than one hundred people injured

HOBOKEN, N.J. (AP MODIFIED) – A commuter train plowed into the bustling Hoboken rail station during the morning rush hour Thursday, killing at least one person and injuring more than 100 others, some critically, in a tangle of broken concrete, twisted metal and dangling cables, authorities said.

People pulled concrete off bleeding victims and passengers kicked out the windows and crawled out amid crying and screaming after the arriving New Jersey Transit train smashed through a barrier at the end of the track. The train came to a halt in a covered waiting area, collapsing a section of the roof onto the first car.

Ross Bauer, an IT specialist who was heading to his Manhattan job from his home in Hackensack, was sitting in the third or fourth car when the train pulled into the station.

“All of a sudden, there was an abrupt stop and a big jolt that threw people out of their seats. The lights went out, and we heard a loud crashing noise — like an explosion — that turned out to be the roof of the terminal,” he said. “I heard panicked screams, and everyone was stunned.”

The cause of the crash wasn’t immediately known. The National Transportation Safety Board said it was sending investigators.

Hoboken, which is NJ Transit’s fifth-busiest station with 15,000 boardings per weekday, is situated just across the Hudson River from New York City. It is the final stop for several train lines and a transfer point for many commuters on their way to New York City. Many passengers get off at Hoboken and take ferries or a PATH commuter train to New York.

New Jersey Transit hasn’t completed installing positive train control, a safety system designed to prevent accidents by automatically slowing or stopping trains that are going too fast. None of its trains or tracks is fully equipped with the system yet. The industry is under government orders to install PTC, but the work has gone more slowly than expected, and the deadline has been repeatedly extended by regulators at the request of the railroads. The deadline is now the end of 2018.

Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, who represents Hoboken, said transit officials told him one person died and two were critically injured. He didn’t know whether those victims had been on the train or on the platform.

Jennifer Nelson, a spokeswoman for NJ Transit, said earlier, “We have multiple injuries, multiple critical injuries right now.” Rail service was suspended in and out of Hoboken.

She said she doesn’t know yet how fast the train was going when it crashed through the bumper. TV footage and photos from the scene showed the rail car was mangled.

Passenger Bhagyesh Shah said the train was crowded, particularly the first two cars, because they make for an easy exit into the Hoboken station. Passengers in the second car broke the emergency windows to get out.

“I saw a woman pinned under concrete,” Shah told WNBC-TV in New York. “A lot of people were bleeding; one guy was crying.”

Brian Klein, whose train arrived at the station after the crash, told the Wall Street Journal that transit police ushered everyone aboard his train into a waiting room, “then quickly started yelling, ‘Just get out! We don’t know if the building is going to hold.'”

The train had left Spring Valley, New York, at 7:23 a.m. and crashed at 8:45 a.m., said NJ Transit spokeswoman Nancy Snyder.

“It simply did not stop,” WFAN anchor John Minko, who witnessed the crash, told 1010 WINS. “It went right through the barriers and into the reception area.”

NJ Transit provides more than 200 million passenger trips annually on bus, rail and light rail lines. More than 100,000 people use NJ Transit trains to commute from New Jersey into New York City daily.

A crash at the same station on a different train line injured more than 30 people in 2011. The PATH commuter train crashed into bumpers at the end of the tracks on a Sunday morning.


Associated Press writers Karen Matthews and Deepti Hajela in Hoboken, Verena Dobnik in New York and Joan Lowy in Washington contributed to this report.___


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More images of the PV Line train crash in Hoboken. I was on the train but I’m all good


September 29, 2016

James Otto:

THe president places the immigrants in states and the state can not refuse the placement. as you see if they fail to integrate into society the governor can not do anything. So what is homeland security if the governor can not isolate tribal people placed bye the president? when you confront the massive relocation of black girl and man to the cities, they scream FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOJ for protection as they destroy the tax base bye burning and and destroying the business district!!! Why does homeland security deny any governor to control demon activity bye ISOLATION? mental illness is isolated. prisoners are isolated, demons are given rights. Like nixon speech writer saying the USA NEEDS A RELIGIOUS WAR for cleaning up america. Since religious wars end with the loser population at ZERO!!! it does not stop until they are kill off.

News article:

ABC’s “Designated Survivor” shows controversial storyline involving Muslims in Dearborn

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) – The newest ABC show “Designated Survivor” was actually “Designated Dearborn” Wednesday night for a controversial storyline.

The episode, starring Keifer Sutherland, involves police targeting Muslims on the orders of Michigan’s governor.

Early in the show’s second episode, breaking news could be seen in the city of Dearborn.

Police were rounding up Muslims and implementing a curfew in the predominately Muslim community.

The episode ends with the president stepping in overruling that order.

The show left some Arab-American leaders in Dearborn wondering what if.

“How possible for something like this to happen?  It is very possible,” said Osama Siblani, publisher of the Arab-American News.

Siblani says talk of a scenario like this has elevated since the beginning of the presidential campaign.

He called the show seen on Wednesday day night a form of reality.

“Then you see a reality show like this that reflects the reality of on the ground and then people start relating to it,” said Siblani. “The national debate today surrounding this issue and around this issue is making the whole country nervous because it’s not about the truth. It’s about what you can say in order to get more votes.”

According to Siblani, another reason why this seems possible in the United States: it has happened before.

“It was a mistake to round up the Japanese and put them in an interment camp. It was a mistake to discriminate against Jews. It was a mistake to discriminate against blacks,” said Siblani.

While Siblani says this is possible, he says Muslim-Americans are not afraid of something like this happening.

He believes the constitution protects all Americans but adds this episode should show us who were are fighting against.

“This episode that I have seen shows clearly that Americans don’t know who their enemy is,” said Siblani. “Their enemy is the enemy of humanity and the enemy of the Muslims that have killed more Muslims than anybody else. These are the enemies. Isis is the enemy.”

September 29, 2016

James Otto:

why doesnn’t the news go after EVANS the county exec for the sewer drains clogged and turned off pumps. Ficano had them at his door all the time?

News article:

Flooding across metro Detroit causes major traffic problems in the area

(WXYZ) – Serious flooding is causing major traffic issues across metro Detroit.

September 28, 2016

James Otto:

we know the 67 riots were planned bye the 4 day war conference in chicago SOUTH END. we know there are differences… to understand the present look into the past and YOU TUBE buffalo springfield tune FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH!!! it is from 1967 does it apply today?

unarmed person killed? you know the communist attorney cockrel. he represented a killer who killed a man with a knife bye stabbing him in his chest like a carson kid and the person dropped dead. The man was small 5 foot 7 inches and the victim was massive like 6 foot 5 inches and 300+ pounds. the victim threaten to kill him like trayvon martin threaten a much smaller GZ. the communist attorney cockrel in the african community argued the case that it was SELF DEFENSE. just like the victim of the hit and run bye the NFL player in Louisiana who was unarmed and told the african victim that he is going to his SUV to get his gun and shoot him.. so the license victim shot the NFL football player DEAD as a unarmed person. Cockrel argued before the african jury that it was self defense. THe victim was massive in size and threaten to KILL the survivor of the fight. so the survivor STAB HIM ONE TIME IN THE CHEST in his heart like GZ shot TM on time in the heart!!! like carson said he would STAB THE PERSON DEAD as a national african speaker if attacked. So the whole african community voted the GZ body size person was self defense with ONE SHOT OR ONE KNIFE WOUND to the CHESt and both died!!! both were unarmed!!! the TM was 6 foot 3 inches to FAT GZ 5 foot 6 inches. HENCE, the african community votes it was justified!!! yet when a white person does it??? it is an act of discrimination… COCKREL said THE BODY ITSELF IS A WEAPON, a CAR is a weapon,speed is a weapon… and the african rule every time it was justified in the past cases with COMMUNISTS attorney’s. KNOW YOUr ENEMY since any things goes they have no moral values and there size makes them BULLY’s… like chief bully talking about the TEEN rookie cop from bill mililkens schools… WHAT DID THE RURAL WHITE ROOKIE TEEN SAY TO MARSHAL to induce him to walk over to her police car with a gun and shoot her dead? she was a KID COP!!! yet the chief of police said in the uSA from her law school training she said something to the marshal that made him KILL!!! a teen like TM over words…. in africa, the child is the killer in african rebellions… THE AFRICANS should not be allowed to demonstrate since they are in contradictions…. for what it is worth!!! BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD tune on you tube” FOR WHAT’s IT IS WORTH

Wish they would include all his gangster facebook and twitter statements. It shows the development of a demon. expelled from school and hanging out and they can not be watched since it is a civil rights violation? Walking and watching is patrol. why engage security? he was bigger and stronger and he wanted to get rid of security bye showing abuse of rights? notice he wanted to hang out in the darknes when most people are coming home from work. fall it is dark after 6 PM. like the twinkie defense of a city council person in san francisco who shot MILK and the MAYOR dead.. he beat the rap since he ate large amount of sugar before the criminal act..> NOTE TRAYVON had sugar tea and skittles etc or high sugar before his confrontation of condo security!!!! then the event of observation turns to event of FIGHT FOR ONE’s LIFE!!!! as you know ground games and WEST POINT…. you have ROCKFELLER estate up the hudson river called the VIEW protecting West point. Then at the entrance of the hudson river near battery park and GOVERNORS ISLAND you have HENRY II SEE TOWERS(wtc). All watching out for the british labor interest trying to destroy West point and home land security? As you know HENRY FORD bagley and IIIrd garage where he came out of his building through the WALL has the GENERAL there that placed a CHAIN across the hudson river to stop the british from destroying west point. THen outside BOOK CADILLAC you have GENERAL MACOMB that ran the 1812 war the only war the usa fought according to ford. rockefeller from cleveland business life to detroit with FORD… made sure the GOVERNORS and RIVER were protected for the GROUND GAME from the british labor interest or DEMON TRAYVON MARTIN…. KNOW YOUR ENEMY

News article:

Trayvon Martin’s parents to release a book on son’s life, death

NEW YORK (AP) — The parents of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen fatally shot in 2012 by a neighborhood watch volunteer, have a book coming out on Jan. 31.

Spiegel & Grau announced Wednesday that it will release “Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin,” by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. The book, narrated alternately by the mother and father, will tell of Trayvon’s “life and struggles, his tragic death, and the transformative movement for justice” that he inspired, according to Spiegel & Grau, a Penguin Random House imprint.

Martin’s parents also will share the “grief and confusion” they have endured and how they contended with an “indifferent system” as they struggled to make sense of what happened.


September 28, 2016

James Otto:

It follows the dearborn lady who left the mall and they said she tried to run over the cop and was shot dead and had mental illness. Then the OK dude and him reaching for his pocket and the female officer shot. the african community likes to show sudden rapid movements with there hands and it makes the officer shoot? do the cops have to change or the behavior has to change of the victim? Using african logic in LOUISIANA when the african killed the NFL football player. He was a victim of the NFL player hit and run. then the NFL dude said he was going to his SUV and get a gun to shoot him. the victim drew his gun and shot the NFL player many times. and his african lawyer and him said it was SELF DEFENSE. Turn and walk and he is shot bye a license AFRICAN VICTIM… then the recent detroit cop killing. Former chief evans said he did everything right and he was shot and killed? does that mean you have to be shot bye the african because it means you die with honor vs dying as a person who shot an african and lost his job to riots…

News article:

Officer shot mentally ill black man in San Diego, authorities say

EL CAJON, Calif. (AP) — Police in the San Diego suburb of El Cajon shot and killed a black man a minute after arriving near a strip mall to investigate a report of a mentally unstable person walking in and out of traffic, an official said Wednesday.

El Cajon Police Department spokesman Lt. Rob Ransweiler said two officers arrived at the scene at about 2:10 p.m. Tuesday. Ransweiler says the shooting happened at 2:11 p.m.

He said police received the report about the mentally unstable person at 12:57 p.m. but did not immediately respond because they had other calls for service.

Police have said the man refused to comply with instructions to remove a hand from his pants pocket, paced back and forth, then rapidly drew an object from the pocket, placed both hands together and extended them in a “shooting stance.” The officers simultaneously fired a handgun and an electric stun gun.

The victim was identified as Alfred Olango, a refugee from Uganda, as dozens of demonstrators protesting his killing gathered outside the police station in El Cajon, holding signs that read “No Killer Cops!” and chanting “no justice, no peace,” and “black lives matter.”

Agnes Hassan, originally from Sudan, described Olango as an educated man with mental problems. She said she spent time in a refugee camp with Olango and that both of them suffered getting to the United States.

The man died after one El Cajon officer fired an electronic stun gun and another officer simultaneously fired his firearm several times, El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis told reporters at a news conference late Tuesday night. Davis did not describe the object, but he acknowledged it was not a weapon.

Christopher Rice-Wilson, associate director of the civil rights group Alliance San Diego, questioned why one of the officers felt non-lethal force was appropriate while the other did not. Both officers have been put on administrative leave while the incident is investigated, per department policy.

Rice-Wilson was among those who identified Olango on Wednesday. Police Lt. Rob Ransweiler said he could not confirm the victim’s name but said he was in his 30s and believed to be from Uganda.

Some protesters said Tuesday night that Olango was shot while his hands were raised in the air. Police disputed that and produced a frame from a cellphone video taken by a witness that appeared to show the man in the “shooting stance” as two officers approached with weapons drawn at a strip mall.

The fatal shooting happened just weeks after black men were shot and killed by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in Charlotte, North Carolina, where violent protests broke out.



Candles and flowers were left Wednesday at the shooting scene, near bloodstains on the pavement.

Olango often hung around the strip mall and at times seemed “agitated but he was never aggressive toward me,” said Vincent Hauer, who works at a nearby convenience store and sometimes bought the man food or gave him a few dollars.

Davis urged the community to remain calm and said the investigation will be thorough.

“This will be transparent,” he said. “This will be looked at by multiple sets of eyes, and not just ours.”

Police said they were called to the strip mall shortly after 2 p.m. by the victim’s sister, who said he was “not acting like himself” and walking in traffic. The man refused “multiple” orders to take his hand from his pocket, then was shot after pulling out the object that authorities declined to describe, police said.

When detectives arrived, police say a female witness came forward and voluntarily provided cellphone video of the incident. Authorities released the single frame from it but not the video. El Cajon officers do not wear body cameras.

Other videos quickly surfaced showing the aftermath. In one posted to Facebook, an unidentified woman is heard telling police at the scene that the man was ordered to take his hand out of his pocket.

“I said: ‘Take your hand out your pocket, baby, or they’re going to shoot you.’ He said ‘no, no, no,’ ” the woman said. “When he lifted his hand out … he did have something in his hand but it wasn’t no gun, and that’s when they shot him.”

Another woman on the video wearing hospital-style work clothing identified herself as the victim’s sister. She shrieked and cried, telling officers that she had called them to help her brother, who she described as mentally ill.

“I just called for help, and you came and killed him,” she said.

Michael Ray Rodriguez was among witnesses who said the man had his hands in the air. He said that he was driving from his apartment complex past the shooting scene and saw a shirtless black man with his hands raised.

The officer “let go of the trigger and shot him again and again,” Rodriguez told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

El Cajon is about 15 miles northeast of San Diego and has a population of about 100,000.

It is 69 percent white and 6 percent black, according to 2010 census figures, and has become home for many refugees fleeing Iraq and, more recently, Syria.

September 28, 2016

James Otto:

SANDY HOOK, does the shooters follow the app. trail? like mao and castro they came down from the mountains and captured the cities!!!! nam era was ruled bye the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER:LBJ!!!! animals attack the very young and OLD!!! demon oath!!!

News article:

3 wounded in a South Carolina elementary school shooting

TOWNVILLE, S.C. (AP) — A teenager killed his father at their home Wednesday before going to a nearby elementary school and opening fire with a handgun, wounding two students and a teacher, authorities said.
The teen was apprehended within minutes of the school shooting in this rural town about 110 miles northeast of Atlanta. One of the students was shot in the leg and the other in the foot, Capt. Garland Major with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said. Both students were male. The female teacher was hit in the shoulder.
Before the shooting at Townville Elementary about 1:45 p.m., the teen gunned down his 47-year-old father, Jeffrey Osborne, at their home about 2 miles from the school, authorities said.
“We are heartbroken about this senseless act of violence,” said Joanne Avery, superintendent of Anderson County School District 4. She canceled classes for the rest of the week.
The shooter never entered the school building and was apprehended by firefighter Jamie Brock, a 30-year veteran of the Townville Volunteer Fire Department, according to Anderson County sheriff’s Lt. Sheila Cole.
Authorities did not reveal the teen’s age at a news conference Wednesday afternoon, and Cole says she doesn’t have his age. The Anderson Independent-Mail quotes Anderson County Sheriff Chief Deputy Keith Smith as saying the teen is 14 and could be charged as a minor.
Authorities did not release a motive for the shooting and said they weren’t sure if the students and teacher were targeted.
One of the students and the teacher were released from the hospital Wednesday evening, AnMed Health spokeswoman Juana Slade. Greenville News earlier reported that a 6-year-old was airlifted to Greenville Memorial in critical condition. Greenville Memorial spokeswoman Sandy Dees confirmed that a child was taken to the hospital but would not release any further information.
Asked about the teen’s relationship to the students, Major said “I know they all go to school together.” He later said the teen was being homeschooled and didn’t clarify his earlier remark.

Authorities said they believe there was only one shooter and that all other students at Townville Elementary were safe. The students were bused to a nearby church and reunited with their parents. They hugged and kissed.

The school has about 300 students in its pre-kindergarten to sixth-grade classrooms. It is in a very rural part of the state and surrounded by working farms.
“This is the country,” Brandi Pierce, the mother of a sixth-grader, told The Associated Press as she began to cry. “You don’t have this in the country. It just don’t exist out here.
Jamie Meredith, a student’s mother, said some of the children went into a bathroom during the shooting.
“I don’t know how they knew to go in the bathroom, but I know her teacher was shaken up. I know all the kids were scared. There was a bunch of kids crying. She didn’t talk for about 5 minutes when I got her,” she told WYFF.
Television images showed officers swarming the school after the report of an active shooter. Some were on top of the roof while others were walking around the building. Students were driven away on buses accompanied by police officers.
Gov. Nikki Haley released a statement shortly after the shooting.
“As we work together with law enforcement to make sure they have the support they need to investigate what happened in Townville, Michael and I ask that everyone across South Carolina join us in praying for the entire Townville Elementary School family and those touched by today’s tragedy.”
The rural town is located along Interstate 85 near the Georgia-South Carolina state line.


September 27, 2016

James Otto:

dante inferno there are 9 rings to HELL. so only YOGI had 10 rings and could sit and look at hell. dante inferno it is about man’s struggle through the 9 rings of hell. UNTIL HELL FREEZES over? glide away… great escape like the plains? like gordie say when the dog ran away from home in the plains of canada he could see the dog run away for 3 days!!! ICE 9 cats cradle.. like the beatles with two cats in the yard: lions and tigers and his little house or casino in italian? escaping justice means avoiding the supreme court of 9 or hell’s final decision your cut of made it?… let the justices be 8 or yogi saying SO LONG FOLKS… tribute to yogi to finish off obama’s term with yogi’s 8 justices? REVOLUTION and building bridges?

News article:

Red Wings players to wear No. 9 patch to honor Gordie Howe

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The legendary Gordie Howe who passed away in June will still be very much present during the Red Wings 2016-2017 season and beyond.

The Detroit Red Wings announced the team will sport a red No. 9 patch on their jerseys for all home and away games this season. The team will also have a red No. 9 painted behind both nets at the Joe Louis Arena as a tribute to Mr. Hockey.

“Our team wanted to honor ‘Mr. Hockey,’ due to his incredible impact on the game of hockey, the Red Wings organization and the city of Detroit,” said Tom Wilson, President and CEO of Olympia Entertainment, in a statement.  “Wearing the ‘9’ jersey patch will be one of many ways our team will celebrate and look back on the life and career of Gordie during the upcoming season.”

On October 17, during the home opener for the Wings, fans will get a Gordie Howe poster. The Red Wings are also planning on hosting a Gordie Howe Replica Statue Night on November 4. The first 5,000 fans will get a small replica of the Gordie Howe statue that’s currently at the entrance of The Joe.

September 27, 2016

James Otto:

You have a principal snipered in their parking lot at school, you have DPS school security x2 ram bye cars recently. Now a threat to all the schools? fire or bombing or poison or gas? I guess they want now governor snyder to do HP schools again at DPS? Where he would not spend another dollar on the most worthless school board in USA HISTORY. He then will stipend them to go to any school around… JAIL BREAK… run run from the coleman young communists schools of 5 decades of communisms engineering of HAITI government!!!

News article:

Threat against Detroit’s public schools leads to heightened security

DETROIT (WXYZ) – An unspecified threat has led Detroit Public Schools Community District officials to up the level of security at all schools this week.

A statement sent to school staff members says the district, “Received a threat to the safety of our schools from an unidentified source.” The message is attributed to school police chief Stacy Brackens.

School will continue as scheduled on Wednesday, the statement says.

Police tell 7 Action News that the treat was received in the form of a fax message.

On our Facebook page, some parents say they’ve received recorded phone messages from the district informing them of the security threat. Several also say they will not send their children to school on Wednesday.

The school system’s police department will work with the Detroit Police Department to have added security at all schools.

Statement sent to DPSCD staff

Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) received a threat to the safety of our schools from an unidentified source. Please be assured that the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. In response to the threat, the DPSCD Police Department in collaboration with the Detroit Police Department have heightened security at all schools while a thorough investigation is conducted.  Classes will proceed tomorrow as scheduled.

September 27, 2016

James Otto:

TROY wants to repeat JUDGE BERG in their community. Garbage in and garbage out!!! I like the africans discussing policing on tv last sunday. In detroit they do not worry, but during discussion on the news program he said as an african in TROY I worry about the police PULLING UP BEHIND HIM !!! he fears for his life!!! Dearborn is a target, now troy seems to be growing as a target? that means a huge tax payer payout. remember when that kid had so many break- ins to his van he decided to sleep in his van with a toy gun. Cops saw a light in the van and with previous history they approached and open the van door and the kid pop up and the cop fell back emptying his gun into the kid. troy had to increase its taxes for the settlement. Now the african activitists are coming to troy… cops are set up bye suggestion bye the leaders?

News article:

Troy police investigating after woman assaulted while taking out trash

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) – Troy police are asking for the public’s help to find the man who is accused of assaulting a woman on September 18 around 10 p.m. at an apartment complex on Crooks.

Police say a woman was taking out her trash in the 2000 block of Crooks when she noticed the suspect out of the corner of her eye. The suspect then starting running toward her carrying an unknown object as she walked to the dumpster, according to police.

Troy police say the suspect grabbed the victim’s arm, saying “Shhh. Don’t say anything.” After the victim screamed, the suspect let her go and left the scene.

The suspect put on a black ski mask before running up to the victim, according to police. He’s described as a white male, around 30 years old, 5′ 10″ with light brown, short hair. He was wearing a black/gray sweatshirt and khaki shorts.

September 27, 2016

James Otto:

I wonder if the guy convicted is the dearborn heights dude and he will do it again? beginning and end show? one entering prison with a true love death and other killed again and never to come out again? a mentor -student program

News article:

Maxwell Brack sentenced 70-100 years in prison in murder of Kajavia Globe

(WXYZ) – A man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend was sentenced to 70-100 years in prison today.

In August, a jury convicted Maxwell Brack of second-degree murder in the death of Kajavia Globe.

Globe’s body was found in a trash can in Detroit after she went missing in December.

Prosecutors said Brack was angry when he found out Globe took a video of them having sex and then sent it to his new girlfriend.

“I tried everything a mother could,” said Lashanda Globe at the sentencing as she explained how she tried to keep her daughter away from Brack. “I would never invite the Devil to come into my home.”

The judge went above the recommended guidelines with the sentencing, adding that his smile after the verdict got him more time.