August 31, 2016

James Otto:

At EMU they had tha orange taylor killing of a girl in HILL DORM. he entered at night at 4 AM and killed and ejaculated on her body post death… If you see dorms filled with trash, it makes you think are dead girls the stink in the DORMS… at EMU it was as dead girl discovered 4 days later and all her eletronics were taken. So like a WSU dorm move in they discovered a TRASH DUMPSTER in there dorm they rented. HENCE, they are saying OT will strike and trash will be removed to dumpsters from previous will sex party and video like GLOBE KILLING… note how the cause is STINK and trash removal fits the college girls history like EMU… patterns never alter until the rat dies…. NOTE OT -orange taylor had keys to the dorms and offices and they had to change the whole system after hastings girl was murdered and president or EMU was removed, too! battle of hastings in england when WILLIAM the CONQUERER invade england and won and built all those castle’s we tour on vacation. CONQUEST like trumps MEXICANS?


News article: 

DETROIT (WXYZ) – A jury has found Maxwell Brack guilty of second degree murder in the death of Kajavia Globe.

Brack is Kajavia Globe’s former boyfriend.

During the trial, Brack took the stand, denying involvement in her death. His testimony got very personal as he testified about his romantic relationship with Globe, saying they met in high school.

Brack also testified about being involved in a prior shooting.

Globe, 24, disappeared in December 2015. Her body was found two days later in a dumpster.

Previously in the trial, a doctor at the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office testified that, while Globe’s manner of death was inconclusive, her death was ruled a homicide.

Globe’s supervisor at work testified that Globe had recently been promoted and the last time she saw her, Globe was celebrating with co-workers.

Another man, considered to be Brack’s acquaintance, took the stand last week. He stated days after Globe disappeared, Brack was seen holding missing person flyers.

According to investigators, after Globe’s death Brack was seen on surveillance video wearing a mask, withdrawing money from Globe’s bank account.


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