September 1, 2016

James Otto: 

snyder closing poor performing schools? Does he mean it? When snyder took office he was requested to give more money to HP schools which was funded more then any other schools in the state based on need and REAL POOR PERFORMANCE. SNYDER said HP schools are the most corrupt and worthless schools in the state of MI. He will not fund them any more. So today as you know the newer HP high school on woodward was TORN DOWN just like small hospital that kept billing for workers care on auto companies forcing higher prices to make foreign care more desirable. So they closed and tore down hospitals to make BIG ONE’s like the billion dollar school in granholm san francisco where they killed the empire state -senator BOBBY. HP high school stood when snyder took office and TODAY is it GONE and leveled!!!! after 6 years of snyder in office!!!! small hospitals and small schools torn down? remember the jobs of the future is SMALL BUSINESS JOBS???? SMALL IS REMOVED? WHY?


News article:

DETROIT (WXYZ) – There is less than a week until the start of a new school year for most kids. In Detroit – it is history making.

The district starts the school year with a balanced budget for the first time in years – thanks to legislation that addressed debt.

When lawmakers passed this legislation, they created two districts — the old one to pay down debt and a new one to educate kids.

So when school starts next week, it will be a new district the Detroit Public Schools Community District. It symbolizes, for many, a new start.

District leaders have addressed the new academic opportunities they are offering – and the challenges this new district faces in the near and long term as it tries to overcome a troubled past.

There is one big area of concern. Judge Steven Rhodes says lawmakers didn’t do enough — that they underfunded the restructuring of the district by $50 million.

“I have discussed this matter with the governor and he has told me he will do everything in his power to find that money for us. I will continue to hold the governor to that and ask the people of Detroit to do the same,” said Rhodes.


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