September 1, 2016

James Otto, this post is really over the edge:

It can not be done legally? It would take decades to remove them bye the court!!!! yet, like to the indians and mexicans the illegals are the christians and they want them deported, too!!! So how can he do it bye making a new DEPARTMENT like homeland security a money drain on the tax payers. when IKE deported millions when he took office, you have to do it differently… that means declare marshal law with permission bye the bordering states governors. THEN MILLIONS COULD BE ROUNDED IT with out need for COURTs and shipped to mexico. First arrest them and get their name, finger prints, DNA and medical profile and shave all hair off as infectious disease processing and visual awarness. THen place the data bye hacking into the central mexican police computers with all the informations making all the millions MEXICANS with full documents in there computers. THEN you have a relocation like the indians being relocated to RESERVATIONS…. land claims are denied? REVOLUTION and change?


News Article:

Social media lit up Wednesday night after Donald Trump outlined plans for his strict and controversial immigration policy.
In a speech delivered in Phoenix, aimed to end confusion surrounding his recently muddled immigration stance, Trump vowed to remove millions of people living in the United States illegally, adding there would be no path to citizenship.
Twitter responded accordingly, with some users praising Trump’s firm approach and what seemed to be an even larger fraction criticizing his plans.

@Always_Trump @Maxinerunner After that speech tonight I don’t see how anyone could vote for her! He really cares about Americans!

I’m a Jew. Trump terrifies me, honestly, because people like him lead to people like me (and my Muslim brothers and sisters) being killed.

@Maggyw519 Trump is a pathological lier. He’s a fascist bigot hater. We all no that & so do his supporters.

Meanwhile, some users noted that following the speech, Trump’s donations server became so busy it crashed.

After Trump’s speech tonight, his donations server actually crashed due to volume.


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