September 3, 2016

James Otto:

In urban warfare like the 4 days of war conference in chicago SOUTH END etc. you must bring the stuff making it unnoticed. Hence, condition the urban centers to see backpacks every where when there is no rhyme or reason for kids to have them. ADULTS pack them and send them to a destination. Like detroit at 3 PM the students march to the businesses downtown and walk inside. The owners raised in other nations see it as suspicious… They stop the kids and check the back packs and find: FLAMIBLE cleaning fluid, Toilet paper and furnace tape. The kids said it was required to go to school? THe police called the principal and confirmed the items were NEEDED for going to school in detroit…etc… STOP the CONDITIONING of seeing back packs… 4 days of war is NEARING? south end is in major preparation?


News article:

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) – They asked for your donations and you responded with generosity. As a result, volunteers today were able to fill hundreds of backpacks for kids in need.

It happened at Educare Student Services in Dearborn on Saturday, as they helped with the “We Got Your Back” backpack drive.

Community leaders, businesses and students of U-M Dearborn all worked together. 7 Action News employees even donated some of the supplies.

The plan is to give 750 kids in Detroit, Dearborn, Redford and Inkster what they need for back to school.

Educare is still collecting supplies to fill a few more backpacks for refugee children who just moved into the country. To help donate, visit


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