September 3, 2016

James Otto:

THe symbols are coming? we know clinton apologized to the KING OF HAWAII for taking their land. We know clinton went to georgetown and they apologized for selling slaves. We know HAWAII is in MI to play a game of gaining land or yardage? we know the savages of hawaii were to wipe out the christians after the japs removed the forts as the reported missing 3rd wave? We know that 67 riots were planned in the south end of chicago for4 days of war like 68 tet NAM. WE know the inner city university renamed it self to WARRIORS to match the UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII WARRIORS for reparations and removal of christians like coleman young’s first speech as the conquerer telling christians to get across 8 mile OR ELSE. EXPECT that city unrest is being planned again for reparations and removal of christians? Know the symbols of conquest and they repeat with the corrections to end it all… since CLINTON gas and burned the Christians at WACO the only supplies to burma . EDSEL B 24’s and waco gliders rescued the only christian base left in the pacific… WAR IS COMING… it will be like libya in massacre level of government?

The news article:

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Former President Bill Clinton will be in Detroit on Labor Day to attend the annual Labor Day Parade in the city.

The parade will stop off at 9:30 a.m. at Michigan Ave. and Trumbull and goes until 1 p.m.

Bill, the husband of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, is among those in her campaign celebrating working families on Labor Day.

Hillary will be joined by Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine in Ohio on Monday afternoon and then will attend the 49th annual Salute to Labor in Illinois later that day.

Kaine will also join Vice President Joe Biden and other labor leaders in Pittsburgh on Monday morning.


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