September 4, 2016

James Otto:

politics of FEAR AND HATE? we knew ronnie came to detroit as a presbyterian and built the largest navy while in office. He invaded grenada when the communists took over the government under BISHOP. Bishop tried to build a major communist military airport which justified the invasion. Knowing coleman young was a communist the senate defense had the city air port of detroit renamed for coleman young saying ronnie took down BISHOP but the northern communist airport base is now detroit with supportive airports of BISHOP AIRPORT FLINT and BISHOP AIRPORT TORONTO. ronnie bit the apple and they gain more in the north!!! as you know trump is presbyterian like ronnie. We know that the christians are losers according to ted turner who donates his billions to the UN. We know the UN is crossing our boarders to balance out the percentages. But we must know KOREA or HATE!!! the dictator is UN which turner donates all his MONEY!!!!?????? THe largest christian religion in KOREA is PRESBYTERIAN!!! with 30,000 marines and presbyterians and the final glory will be TRUMP like ronnie or BIG LOSERS? the coleman young communists will cross and massacre the christians.. that was why when coleman young took over he stated in his speech that THE CHRISTIANS MUST GET ACROSS 8 MILE or else!!!! NAM I general christian was massacred at dien ben phu when IKE refused AIR SUPPORT. NAM II was a disaster when ford was asked for a 300 million loan to fight communist coleman young forces and he told them to DROP DEAD. so the trillions dollars spent on the government collapsed in one week when the uniform communist crossed the DMZ like in the near future iN KOREA under TED TURNER mandate? FORD SAID NO MORE MONEY and THE WHOLE FRONT or government disappeared forever. yet they had a army, navy, air force and could not defeat UN coming from korea or canada and mexico? that was why holder who sold military weapons killed OFFICER TERRY who drove the savages back into canada since officer terry drove the savages back into canada after the massacre of little big horn. DEMON SYMBOLS and MASSACRE COMING since turner gives all his billions to UN!!!!


News article:

DETROIT (AP) – Donald Trump said Saturday he wanted to help rebuild Detroit and told members of a black church that “there are many wrongs that should be made right” as the GOP presidential nominee tried to woo African-Americans two months before the election.

“I am here to listen to you,” Trump told the congregation at the Great Faith Ministries International in remarks that included references to some of his campaign plans. “As I prepare to campaign all across the nation, I will have the chance to lay out my economic plans which will be so good for Detroit.”

Seated in the front row was Omarosa Manigault, a former contestant on Trump’s reality television series who has been helping guide his outreach to the black community. Also in the audience was Detroit native Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who ran against Trump in the primaries and is now advising the campaign.

While protesters were a vocal presence outside, Trump made a pitch inside for support from an electorate strongly aligned with Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I want to help you build and rebuild Detroit,” he said. “I fully understand that the African-American community has suffered from discrimination and there are many wrongs that should be made right.”

He also said the nation needs “a civil rights agenda of our time,” with better education and good jobs.

Unlike his usual campaign stops where he confidently has addressed mostly white crowds that supported him and his plans for the country, Trump’s visit to Detroit on Saturday was intended to be more intimate.

Some protesters tried to push through a barrier to the parking lot but were stopped by church security and police.

Rev. Horace Sheffield who led a march from his church blocks away said: “I walked up to the gate and said I was going to church. I was immediately confronted and was told I needed a ticket. You need a ticket to get in church? Anybody who is in this church should be appalled. I love Bishop Wayne T, but to not let the public in?”

Ahead of his trip, Toni McIlwain said she believes that as a candidate, Trump has a right to go anywhere he wants. But, she said, it takes a lot of nerve for him to visit Detroit.

Many black people in the city, she said, are still stung by his stop in Michigan last month, when he went before a mostly white audience and declared, “You live in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed.” He asked, rhetorically, what blacks had to lose by voting for him instead of Clinton.

“People picked up on” Trump saying “you’re all just crap,” said McIlwain, who for years ran a community center that offered education and drug prevention programs in one of Detroit’s most distressed neighborhoods.

“He generalized the total black community. How dare you talk to us like that and talk about us like that?” she said.

Carson told The Associated Press before Trump’s trip that it would serve as an opportunity for the GOP nominee to see the challenges residents face as he refines his policy plans.

“It always makes much more of an impression, I think, when you see things firsthand,” he said.

But the risky nature of the visit was underscored by what appeared to be unusually cautious planning by the Trump campaign.

On Thursday, The New York Times published what it said was a script of pre-approved questions Trump would be asked in his interview with Jackson, along with prepared answers.

Jackson told CNN on Friday that he “didn’t see anything wrong” with clearing his questions with the campaign and hadn’t offered softballs. Trump’s intention was to meet and speak with local residents while he’s in town “because he’s been criticized,” Jackson said, “for preaching to African-Americans from a backdrop of white people.”

Among the members of the clergy denouncing Trump’s visit was the Rev. Lawrence Glass, who said Trump’s heart was not into helping blacks.

Glass said Trump represents “politics of fear and hate” and that “minorities of all kinds have much to lose taking a chance on someone like” Trump.

For Trump, courting black voters is a challenge. Most polls show his support among black voters is in the low single digits. Many blacks view some of his campaign rhetoric as insulting, and racist.

Detroit is about 80 percent black, and many are struggling. Nearly 40 percent of residents are impoverished, compared with about 15 percent of Americans overall. Detroit’s median household income is just over $26,000 — not even half the median for the nation, according to the census.

The city’s unemployment rate has dropped, but is still among the highest in the nation. And public school students have lagged behind their peers on statewide standardized tests.


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