September 4, 2016

James Otto:

When the enemy goes mobil with no legal right to do so since they do not own the car or have a valid drivers license. You see these attacks. A teamster told me that when you drive into detroit on the streets to look at enemy how they deploy. Note that they are seen sitting at the side of the road on cell phone then a gang of kids cross and they will push one into the truck as you drive and cars will jump out in front of you coming from side streets or center turn lane. REMEMBER that 65% of all moving vehicles on the streets have NO LEGAL BASIS to BE THERE>>> THEY ARE ILLEGAL like ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! NO insurance, no license, defective car, they do not own it etc. IT IS THE BIGGEST MILITARY EXERCISE in the world the moblized demons of coleman young communist party. With color police you have no enforcement. If you want to test this accusation then razor wire an area and stop all traffic and check it they have the legal right to be on the streets moving the vehicle… I bet the stats today is over 75% illegal!!!! FEDS talk about illegals aliens they are going to deport like IKE!!!! but from the day they were here as illegals that was always the EXPECTATION.. NOTHING NEW!!! THERE IS NO GREATER THREAT TO BUSINESS as MAX FISHER’s NUMBER ONE LAW of BUSINESS in detroit!!! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SAFE PARKING THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY BUSINESS!!! if you do not have legal streets then you have NO CITY…. ILLEGAL vehicles are worst then ILLEGAL ALIENS… THE CITY IS DEAD if there is ILLEGAL VEHICLES… STOP EVERY CAR MOVING IN DETROIT IF IT IS AN AFRICAN DRIVER. You would have so many cars to sell you would become KING AUTO SALES like in the past….. ILLEGAL MOVINGS CARS is the real THREAT TO CITIZENS!!!


 News article:

(WXYZ) – Detroit Police are investigating a triple shooting on the city’s west side.

It happened before 6:00 on Saturday night in the area of 1600 Prevost St.

Three men in their 20s were shot, one is in critical condition.

Neighbors tell 7 Action News they are shocked this happened where they live,

“Because if someone can just pull up and murder someone in broad daylight, that’s a danger for all of us,” said neighbor, Sophia Williams.

Investigators said the three men were standing outside and enjoying the day when the situation started.

“They were standing there, eating chips and drinking pop,” said Capt. Kurt Worboys with the Detroit Police Department.

Worboys said the suspects then pulled up in 2013 black Dodge Charger.

“The beginning of the conversation seemed to be cordial, there wasn’t anything going on at that point, according to our witness, and then something happened, something was said and shots started firing,” said Worboys.

He said the suspects started to drive away, then came back and stole one of the victim’s watch. As they were leaving for a second time, they started firing shots at witnesses.

“They stopped the car, somebody got out, I think the passenger side of the vehicle and started firing at witnesses on the porch,” said Worboys.

None of the witnesses were hit.

Police are looking for the suspects.

Police on the scene originally told 7 Action News that one of the victims died.  They later confirmed the man is in critical condition at a local hospital.


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