September 5, 2016

James Otto:

THe president speaks in CHINA and president clinton is in communist coleman young detroit. THis is like the announced 68 tet is over? Westmoreland in nam on 4-4-68 and in HP: davidson the westpoint superintendent? giving a memorial for KING who was shot in memphis over a labor strike front which was building a ZIKA infectioius disease bomb!!!! ANNOUNCE on stage in nam: westmoreland said he killed 69% of the black girl and man relocated to the cities with the objective to kill the police and he secured all forts since none fell during TET!!! Then president obama discussed COLIN chapter 7 jersey and his constitutional right to demonstrate and if you listen you may hear what he is trying to SAY!!!! Now the police will not show up for the game since their life is threaten like in NAM and the stadium should go bare since it is unsafe!!! it is like U of M stadium with BUMP ELLIOTT…. notice today all the african communists are bumping the rear of the cars in detroit. CHINA -DETROIT speeches like NAM and HP speeches in my past? NONE of the africans in college stood for the usa flag and that was why they had to be placed in goverment jobs ASAP!!! REVOLUTION and CHOCOLATE PUDDING….


News article:

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Former President Bill Clinton is in Detroit today to join in on Labor Day festivities in the city.

Bill kicked off the morning by marching in the annual parade, campaigning for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hillary has talked about the working class and securing the vote of the unions as she looks toward the November general election.

Bill walked alongside members of organized labor in the parade. The theme this year: “your vote is your choice.”

Both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have marched in the same parade in the past.

While Bill is here in Detroit, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton will be in Cleveland with her running mate Tim Kaine participating in Labor Day festivities there, campaigning and trying to secure the votes of union workers.

The Democratic hopeful was in Warren last month to speak on economic growth and jobs.


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