September 5, 2016

James Otto:

just like colin chapter 7 jersey. I want people to never forget! yet abuse of christians in muslim and communist communities are horrid. Like the barbary coast war, when britain would not allow usa ships to fly their flag off the northern coast of africa. When the muslims of colin saw that flag they burned, bombed and enslaved and made sure the christians wereTRUMATIZED for coming close to a muslim player? Then jefferson built a massive navy to be able to fly a USA flag near colin!!!! I WONDER IS THAT THE REASON WHY GM HQ MOVED TO JEFFERSON street!!!! REVOLUTION AND CHOCOLATE PUDDING….


News article:

DETROIT (WXYZ) – General Motors is about to get a pointed message on a new billboard in Detroit. The activist group, GM Recall Survivors, Inc., wants the automaker to follow through on a promise following fatal crashes due to faulty ignition switches.

“Our primary purpose is calling on GM to put action behind their words,” said Laura Christian, who founded the group. “They say they are all about safety and we want to see them do exactly that.”

Christian’s birth daughter was one of the 124 victims from crashes in GM vehicles equipped with the faulty switches.

The billboard that features the face of Christian’s daughter and other victims will be put in place on the I-75 service drive at Rosa Parks Boulevard in Detroit. It’s an image thousands of motorists will see daily.

“We have two primary initiatives,” Christian told 7 Action News by phone from Washington, D.C.  “The first is to enact federal law holding auto executives criminally liable for staying silent on auto safety issues. The second priority is to ban the sale of used cars nationwide that have been recalled until repaired.”

The recall and associated lawsuits and settlements has cost GM millions of dollars.

Christian said she also plans to hold a news conference later this month with other families of victims in front of GM’s headquarters in downtown Detroit.


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