September 6, 2016

James Otto: 

He is gaining strength and he is the wave like 67 riots from the 4 day war conference in chicago where shootings are at 500 deaths so far. Remember it began in WATTS, CA when a white police officer gave a ticket to an african in an african community and the dude said NO WAY CAN A SWORN OATH WHITE COP GIVE ANY AFRICAN A TICKET IN THERE OWN COMMUNITY! THen riots that waved to NEWARK theN DETROIT then TO TN from communist mountain view school. THen as you know the same planning in NAM with the relocation of black girl and man to the cities to KILL COPS and 68 tet!!!! 68 tet following 67 usa riots from chicago planning ended with westmoreland told a crowd: No military base was lost, and after killing 69% of the black girl and man in the cities the cities are now back in control and cops can give tickets… THIS ANNOUNCEMENT happen on 4-4-68 when KING was killed in TN in memphis with is ZIKA infectious disease bomb from his communist mountain view school. END OF TET was the DEATH OF KING or QB back like dude? THIS IS COLIN CHAPTER 7 jersey quest to END: ANTHEM IN ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS and END the pledge to the USA FLAG In elementary schools… CHANGE per mandates of OBAMA from the DEMON COMMUNITY in the SOUTH END where they killed 500 people like it was coleman young communist warning to christians to leave or ELSE!!!! REVOLUTION and CHANGE …. END THE WORST FLAG IN THE WORLD AND ANTHEM…. REVOLUTION


News article:

Colin Kaepernick might not be the 49ers starting quarterback, but he’s leading the league in one stat — jersey sales.

Since Kaepernick made headlines in late August by refusing to stand for the National Anthem,
his jersey ranks as one of the best sellers in the NFL.

As of 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, Kaepernick’s jersey was listed as the top seller on the NFL Shop’s website, ahead of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.


Colin Kaepernick’s jersey is currently listed as the top seller in the NFL Shop.


The road white version of Kaepernick’s jersey was also listed as the seventh-best selling jersey.

On Monday, ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported that the team sold more memorabilia bearing Kaepernick’s name in the past few weeks than they had in the past eight months combined.

Kaepernick said he won’t stand for the National Anthem until he sees significant change in the way minorities in America are treated. Kaepernick has received criticism from presidential candidates, ex-teammates and NFL executives, but has recently been joined in his protest by teammate Eric Reid, the Seahawks’ Jeremy Lane, and women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe.

Kaepernick will begin the season as the 49ers backup, behind starter Blaine Gabbert.


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