September 6, 2016

James Otto:

THEY say the schools failed them? it is like saying it is the SHOES failed them in that spike lee commericals mars blackmon? What if performance should be based on attendence only and local exams? then all the schools meet the requirements. The state legislature is saying the BUILDING is BAD and now these kids must go to GP schools and they will train them? They can not be trained there and would drop out!!!! THE SCHOOLS ARE NOT THE ISSUE it is the DEMAND for failure and money extraction that corrects it!!! like the graft exposure in DPS with the GOD OF EDUCATION at DENBY… she got sports cars and money for family funerals and was extracting money to the extremes. and ALL THE SCORES WENT UP when the MONEY WAS SPENT ON HER LIFESTYLE. MONEY has nothing to do with SCORES…. IT IS A RACKET from the department educations of 14 universities. THE GREATEST MONEY EXTRACTION in african demon communities has been the SCHOOLS!!!! IT IS NOT THE SHOES OR SCHOOLS is it attendence and local exams… let the culture live with there own values…


News article:

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Teachers from Detroit Public Schools are meeting to learn more about a tentative agreement involving their contract with the district.

The new contract comes after years of pay cuts and a serious lack of staffing.

They’re meeting at 2nd Ebenezer Church and many teachers are getting the chance to ask tough questions about their future and have them answered.

7 Action News cameras were rolling as teachers arrived to a 5:30 meeting with union leaders, ready to talk about what they can expect from the new tentative agreement.

On the minds of some we spoke to were important points like salary, benefits and class sizes – even working conditions in the classroom.

The new deal will still have to be ratified by Detroit schoolteachers.

Highlights of the deal include salary step increases, more time for holidays, limits on class sizes and tougher standards for health and safety in the classroom.

So far reactions from some have been mixed.

Health care is still something being negotiated. Union President Ivy Bailey does plan to update us as things develop.


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