September 9, 2016

James Otto:

in chicago that african elderly dude watering his lawn and a bicycle gangsters saw him and shot him during his resistance to removal of his valuables outside his home. Driving down freeway and being shot is a norm today? That girl who left a casino and was on I75 and she was shot dead going home was a scary show. Most do the BUMP the rear and you pull over and then they shoot you and take your car and valuables. This is like cuba at night… soldiers being trained and when good at it… they are shipped to MIAMI. You see castro blame usa for the lifestyle of the cubans who trade with the world. You see IKE’s 5 decades of isolation and no improvement.. Yet you also see 5 decades of communist coleman young and a total destruction of the paris of the mdiwest aka detroit with a difference… more money over 5 decades was spent on detroit bye the federal elected then spent on the initial money for rebuild europe. LOOK nothing was put in infrastructure and all the money went to SALARIES of DO NOTHING teachers, trainers etc. The money left the usa to their foreign flagged nation. FAILURE in the senate produces More SUCCESS and GETTING MORE MONEY… if you had success with money flow then no more money flow. If after 5 decades of COLEMAN YOUNG COMMUNISTs and housing price is 5 grand then the salaries should be 800 dollars a year. DESTRUCTION produces more money for failure… great society with 1 trillion dollars for oNE SKIN COLOR was a complete failure like NAM where they spent many trilliions to have a government surrender in 1 week. END FEDERAL MONEY distribution? they only create ARMIES on the streets!!! just like cuba after 5 decades of coleman young telling christians to LEAVE or ELSE…. CUBA and DETROIT are communist engineering projects of COMPLETE SUCCESS for the communist system..


News article;

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Part of the Lodge Freeway was shut down for hours after a shooting early Friday morning in Detroit.

It happened around 1:30 a.m.

Michigan State Police says a man was driving southbound on the Lodge near Wyoming when he heard shots. He immediately exited at Livernois , left his vehicle at the top of the ramp and ran into a neighborhood.

Police say when they located the victim, he had been shot twice and was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Witnesses say it sounded like an automatic rifle was fired.


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