September 13, 2016

James Otto:

senator kennedy visited and he got a brass button bye the UNION. Knowing governor engler moved to VA to be a manufacturer’s rep are we seeing a MI government being formed? When has the south been known for manufacturering? Like in football, coach would say: the dude thinks he has a breakaway, but if you have an angle (diag) on him you can catch him… that is why VA chose the DIAG???

News article:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) – Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine will campaign Tuesday at the University of Michigan as part of a party rally.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced that Kaine, her running mate, is expected to speak at the Ann Arbor university’s Diag. The rally is scheduled to start at noon.

Officials say the Virginia senator will promote Clinton’s plans related to college debt. She has proposed that students from families making less than $125,000 annually be able to attend a public college or university in their home state without paying tuition, and that all community colleges be tuition-free.


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