September 14, 2016

James Otto:

No other culture got 1 trillion dollars to go to school bye the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL president johnson in the usa. that great society program was a total failure!!! When they were relocating black girl and man to the cities from the south, the city council was marketing there relocation to the city saying they are coming to go to school and VOTE! THEN 6 DECADES OF BILLIONS GOING INTO DETROIT AND ONE CULTURE OF GOVERNMENT RESULTING IN Kids leaving the city to go to school at a greater distance then the marketing of their injustice of being transported 3 miles to school in the south. HENCE, THEY PROVED THAT MONEY CAN NOT DELIVER since the whites do not get the money and still go to school and complete school with low funding and a majority are descent citizens. 1 trillion for africans to go to school and billions over 5 decades of communist coleman young and they engineered HAITI!!!! END THE ABUSE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY BEING SPENT on tribal demons!!!! RESULTS ARE ZERO!!!! never forget when the ZERO’s hit FORD ISLAND on 12-7-41. ALL equipment was marked MADE IN THE USA under a TRIBAL EMPEROR or kwame figure…

When the african state senators demand local control and funding from outside sources they conflict with the system. All the students get a set funding and that funding is spent bye the school board. It is like EFM was ordered to close and manage schools bye budget. With all the students getting same money as GP schools per student. Then the exile school board hired a NEW superintendent and gave her a 5 year contract to lead education. Granholm allowed it to continue and the governor asked her for her budget and school closings. She said she is not going to CLOSE ANY SCHOOLS, but openmore. She is going to hire more teachers and give them raises and benefits. This was under the mandate of FIGHTING FOR THE STUDENTS. As you know granholm fired her and she sued and got her 5 year contract at superintendent paid but had to be JUST A TEACHER or highest paid ever!!!! that means she got a RAISE and BENEFITS and LONG TERM CONTRACT as a INDIVIDUAL TEACHER under grandholm and all the other teachers got less. SALARY AND BENEFITS FOR ONE!!!! THen the money flow issue… snyder said the worst schools in the history of MANKIND was HP schools and they proved need and no results and was getting the MOST FUNDING of any school district in MI… then snyder said ESCAPE!!!! he would not give a GOD DAMN DIME to that SCHOOL SYSTEM any more. ANd agree to fund relocation to some where ELSE… today that HP high school which was a newer building is leveled and now farm land. START OVER STUDENTS!!!

News article:

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Is the opportunity to learn to read a constitutional right in the United States of America?  A federal lawsuit filed today by students in Detroit says it is.

The first of its kind suit accuses the state of violating the constitutional rights of students by underfunding education.

The class action suit was filed by five kids who went to some of the lowest performing public and charter schools in Detroit.

One of them is a senior at Osborn High School named Jamarria Hall. He says he was thinking about how he could make a difference in his schools when an attorney out of California with the Opportunity Under Law Project asked if he would like to be part of this lawsuit.

“I just hope it leads to change,” said Hall.

He says he sees great inequity in the resources for students in wealthier school districts and inner city districts.

He says he can’t even seem to get a teacher in every class. He is sick of being sent to the gym to play basketball during Spanish class because he has no Spanish teacher.

“I feel like I am getting cheated,” said Hall.

He says there have been times when he didn’t have an English teacher.  He says he can read because of support at home, but other students aren’t as lucky.

“We don’t even have books for them to practice reading,” said Hall.

The lawsuit says the state has created an education system of inequity where inner city schools are less likely to provide opportunities for all kids.  It names the state, state education officials and Governor Rick Snyder as defendants.

“Would Governor Rick Snyder send his kids to Detroit Schools?” asked Mark Rosenbaum, Director of Public Counsel’s Opportunity Under Law Project.

The suit says that by under-funding education – the state is denying kids their constitutional right to literacy. It makes the argument that the opportunity to learn to read is guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment.

“For more than a decade, the educators of this city have been raising the red flag about Detroit Public Schools: Our schools are falling apart, our classrooms lack the basic resources needed to educate children, and we have been forced to do more with less to give our students a shot at the American dream,” said Detroit Federation of Teachers Interim President Ivy Bailey.

7 Action News reached out to the Michigan Department of Education and Governor Rick Snyder’s office for comment.

“We are concerned with the literacy levels of all children in Michigan,” said State Superintendent Brian Whiston. “However, we do not comment on pending litigation as this goes through the process.”

A spokesperson for the governor also said there would be no comment provided on pending litigation.

You can read the lawsuit below.

Complaint against DPS by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit on Scribd



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