September 14, 2016

James Otto:

When you leave U of M and under hillary you will be DEBT FREE!!! It was free prior to RONNIE. As you know the students would live a generous student loan lifestyle and then file under bankruptcy and walk away from their debt. RONNIE said NO MORE they will be employable citizens and they must take responsibility for their lifestyle debt. So they passed laws that you can not escape COLLEGE DEBT… Like kwame owes the city 1 million and has his STUDENT LOANS to pay. Hence, both debts are for LIFE!!!!!! THIS STOPPED COMMUNIST UNIONS and LIFESTYLE UNIVERSITIES. As you know shaw college was form as a TOTAL life style loan progam where their students bought cars, homes and furniture and got a DRAFT DEFERMENTs bye registering for SCHOOL!!!! THERE WERE NO GRADUATES and the feds said IT WAS A TOTAL FRAUD to get money like great society program of 1 trillion. SO DEBT FREE COLLEGE was REAL with big time life style and NO DEBT if you leave a GRADUATE or GOT THROWN OUT!!!! What they need is executive branch house cleaning? the governor should have mandatory meetings in HILLDALE, MI. HILLSDALE is A self funded university. U of M wants to go private ASAP. ALWAYS ASK why is the car dealer in hillsdale: STILLWELL? as you know in WWII after the japs attacked ford island all the christians were rounded up and taken to INFECTIOUS DISEASE DOSING CAMPS except one on the mainland of china in burma. the general in charge was STILLWELL in the woods and tommy harmon on the mountain top. THEY CAME BACK when all supplies were cut off and surrender was a real issue!!!! THEN THE EDSEL FORD B 24’s and WACO gliders started to supply the CHRISTIAN FORCES… that is why clinton gas and burned the christians iN WACO!!!! game changer like NO DEBT!!!!

News Article:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) – Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine campaigned Tuesday at the University of Michigan as part of a party rally.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced that Kaine, her running mate, would speak at the Ann Arbor university’s Diag.

The Virginia senator promoted Clinton’s plans related to college debt. She has proposed that students from families making less than $125,000 annually be able to attend a public college or university in their home state without paying tuition, and that all community colleges be tuition-free.


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