September 14, 2016

James Otto:

On the history channel they did a show on embassy security.. they showed the embassy in africa with a nation in rebellion like the 67riots from the 4 day war conference in chicago. Well the marines were watching two african confront each other outside the embassy and one had a machette. Then you seen in the video the knife dude wack the other african to the ground and then sawing motion and then he HOLDS in the air a beating AFRICAN HEART and the marines just sat and watched. they asked a senator to comment on the inaction bye embassy security. the senator review the tape and said: THAT WAS AFRICAN CULTURE and the MARINES ARE NOT TO GET INVOLVED like in cities where the defense committee removed all the forts to the south. This will allow the rebellion to LIVE ON rather then just be a RIOT which we experience in 67 from manifest destiny or coast to coast. This will assist the usa forces in nam since they are relocating all the black girls and man to the cities for a major festival when NAM is all security with trilliions form senate defense. THEN 68 TET and all the cities fall just like in africa from the relocation!!! THEY CUT OUT THE SACRED HEART which is in boston edison area. THIS Will allow britain to bring there labor north to boston again for the REBELLION bye supreme court mandates on the bad christian behavior with DEMONS in history… SENATE DEFENSE IS ON YOUR SIDE like state farm… THEY NEED THE WORKERS who send there money back to there homeland… THIS heart is in the land of all generals and presidents. WAS IT STILL BEATING?


News article:

NORWALK, Ohio (AP) — A coroner says a heart found in a plastic bag on the ground next to an Ohio gas station appears to be human.

Huron County Coroner Jeff Harwood said Tuesday pathologists in Toledo are running tests to confirm whether it’s human and whether fluid found in the two quart zipped bag is some type of preservative.

The heart was found Aug. 25 in Norwalk by an ambulance crew that had parked at the gas station. Police and Harwood were called to the scene where Harwood placed it in a cooler for delivery to Toledo.

Harwood says it appears to be a preserved specimen with “anomalies” likely present at birth. He says the origin of the heart is a mystery along with why someone left it next to the gas station.


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