September 16, 2016

James Otto:

why would they expose her? When you look at zero dark 30 and the understanding of muslim living conditions they concluded that a 3rd man is there based on women present in photo’s. We know obama is a muslim from early childhood education in malaysia and indoctrinated just like bill ayers specialty of early childhood education. If that is true, then muslim birth is all FEMALE and no male doctor involved!!! Hence obama’s birth ceriticate sign bye a male doctor puts doubt into the domestic birth! He had a practicing orthodox muslim daddy. Daddy left and went to harvard and married another lady and had another son who went to COMMUNIST CHINA in a MARCO POLO donation as long as the family supply ship is released bye the CHINESE EMPEROR… so obama brother in communit life shows the demons that the attack the USA: MUSLIM OBAMA and COMMUNIST HARVARD BROTHER or enemy’s per snowden? Equal opportunity and skills make the birth legal bye the affirmative action control of demons… the go to medical school and get and and sign birth certificates to make ILLEGALS totally legal for the CHANGE to a new nation under the CHICAGO RADICALS…. OBAMA’s birth certificate is totally faked…


News article:

(WXYZ) – Bushra Alawie knew her life calling at a young age.

“I’ve always wanted to give back to the community and be an active member of society,” said Alawie.

Her passion for helping people took her to youth leadership and then to a position with the Army National Guard before she eventually landed at the FBI.

“It was an absolute challenge as an Arab American Muslim woman to serve in the capacity of a civilian contractor with the Army National Guard at a time when we were at war with two Muslim countries, and the same applies to serving in the FBI,” said Alawie.

Full series:

Muslim AMERICAN: Inside a growing Michigan community

Alawie, who has Yemeni roots, now works as a community outreach specialist for the FBI’s Detroit bureau, building trust around law enforcement.

“I get that initial look like, ‘is that really Bushra’ because of my visibly Muslim attire,” she said. “Immediately those rumors are dispelled and it’s business as usual.”

Any surprise over her background quickly gives way to an immediate realization: Bushra is just as patriotic and proud of the FBI keeping us safe as she is of the community that raised her.

And she says, she’s not unique in that regard.

“There are thousands of American Muslims who have served our United States armed forces, continue to serve our United States armed forces,” said Alawie. “Their stories remain to be untold.”

Alawie also focuses on another target in her work: Islamophobia.

“I’m cautiously optimistic that despite the challenges that we are facing in the saturation of fear and hate — that we are moving in the right direction, because of the countless dialogues and communication that we have had within various communities as it relates to law enforcement,” she said.

The FBI in general is part of the solution, says Alawie.

“Our director has incorporated diversity as a core value of the FBI and I think that’s a testament to his leadership… commitment to have folks from diverse backgrounds,” she said. “My contribution is just one of many.”

At the end of the day, Alawie’s story is summed up in one sentence:

“I’m just another American Muslim who loves their country and when duty says to it’s time to serve, they serve. “


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