September 18, 2016

James Otto:

911 happen when simple muslim students were returning back to USA SCHOOLS. so school is starting and all this repeat behavior? fantasy island and little ceasar: THE PLANE!!!!! believe it or NOT?

The basements of protestant churches filled with muslims and communists are organzing hero worship from past armies of one attacks? In NY you have the repeat CLEAVER attack on NY cops. In Philly you have a dude target police just sitting in their car and then a shooting spree as a repeat. In Detroit, you have a couple repeat the death of a child or abortion?. In NJ during a race you have a bomb explosion during a RACE with marines just like boston. Then you repeat again the BOSTON bombing , NY bombing with a bomb in a dumpster just like the atlanta olympics and there races. First a bomb in an atlanta abortion clinic like detroit with the children, then a BOMB set up in the dumpster where the abortion clinic people are to go and stand. HENCE, all the same operatives from the hero worship of basements of protestant churchs as seen in the movie THE BUTLER… let us serve you a bombing… this goes back to the BOMBINGS of weather in MADISON!!! As a tribute to the OBAMA who is leaving office as a ISIS or taliban or simple MUSLIM STUDENT like weather and the attack on UNIVERSITIES, and RUNNING RACES etc. ARE THE PLANES COMING at DTW since they wanted the supply contract denied bye mcnamara? remember they came during the start of school!!! remember the boston bombers were a DARTMOUTH student and an unemployed boxer. REVOLUTION and the MCCAIN DOORWAY!!!

News article:

Law enforcement officials are investigating the cause of a dumpster explosion in New York City Saturday evening, causing 29 people to be treated for injuries.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference that none of the injuries were life threatening.

De Blasio said that the explosion was considered an intentional act, but had no further details. De Blasio added that there is no ‘credible or specific threat” that the incident was terrorism related.

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“I want to assure all New Yorkers that NYPD and all agencies are on full alert,” de Blasio said.

Chief Harry J. Wedin, NYPD Chief of Special Operations Division, confirmed that a possible secondary explosive device five blocks away from the earlier explosion in New York City was discovered.

Police were encouraging residents to stay away from windows as officials were working on disarming the second device.

Saturday’s explosion came hours following a confirmed pipe bomb explosion in New Jersey on Saturday. De Blasio said there was no reason to believe there was a connection between incidents.

Law enforcement officials said the explosion took place at at 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue in the Chelsea section of Manhattan around 8:30 p.m. local time.

“There was a loud boom and our entire apartment shook,” Neha Jain, who lives in Manhattan, told NBC News. “All the pictures fell to the floor and then I heard people screaming.”

Chris Gonzalez of Dallas was with friends at a nearby restaurant.

“We felt it, we heard it, the restaurant went real quiet,” Gonzalez told the AP. “It wasn’t like jolting or anything, everyone just went quiet.”

Police have closed several blocks in Manhattan.

White House officials confirmed that President Barack Obama has been briefed on the incident.


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