September 21, 2016

James Otto:

The one thing you idol about this is the comfort of these bomb makers. you saw the dude wheel back packs with many bombs down the sidewalk bouncing etc even up curbs and NONE GO OFF!!! these are most stable bombs in WORLD HISTORY!!!! these dudes are in canada bye now!!! like libya with ronnie. the ambassadors of that country paid a muslim gang the CORNERSTONES in chicago to burn the communications infrastructure of chicago for 3 million. They did bye buying vans and putting in fuel tanks and driving and stopping over street man holes having the cables inside .dumping the fuel and starting it on fire ruining the communication cables. Then in a disco in germany where the GI’s goes from the base there. the libyian ambassador paid to have bomb delivered as a present to the DJ and it exploded and killed VERY PRIVATE FORD. Then without proof ronnie bombed LIBYA.then when east germany fell and the stasi files were obtained they showed the payment and who organized the bombing of the LABELLE disco and they tracked the arab ambassador to turkey and captured him years later. WHY DURING RONNIE’s coming to detroit and being nominated created all these bill ayers bombings etc. today the theme is the same with TRUMP and bill ayers -hillary…

News article:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI has released an image of men believed to have taken a suitcase holding a Manhattan bomb that didn’t explode.

On Wednesday, the FBI posted an image of two men who allegedly picked up a suitcase on the street in Manhattan on Saturday night. They apparently didn’t know the bag contained an improvised explosive device until they opened it.

The men then removed the bomb, leaving it on the sidewalk, and took the bag.

The FBI is seeking help finding the two unidentified men.


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