September 25, 2016

James Otto:

I wonder why he did not take the car? Now the dude has her address, keys to her home and car and all her friends on the cell phone. Plus, her gun will be used in a crime and she will be associated with it. like this african doctor from U of M said to me. you stop to get gas and this kid comes up to you with a gun and demands your wallet, coat, keys etc and you give it to him. You gave him everything you have like unconditional surrender of the USA and he still shoots you!!! WHY? you are suppose to answer. You gave him all you valuable and he still shoots, WHY? The african doctor answer was he wants you to FELL HIS PAIN!!! do you take bullet and try to shoot your gun?

 News article:

Man threatens to shoot Detroit judge, steals her purse during robbery in Lafayette Park

DETROIT (WXYZ) – A judge on her way to church service Sunday morning was robbed in Lafayette Park near downtown Detroit, police say.

Sources tell 7 Action News the judge was picking up some friends in the 1500 block of Cherboneau for church around 8 a.m. Sunday when a man approached her.

According to police, the suspect threatened to shoot her and demanded her purse. She gave him the purse, which had a gun, money, keys, identification and more inside.

We’re told the suspect is a black male, between 35-40 years old. He is around 6-feet tall, weighing about 180 pounds and was last seen wearing a white jacket, gray pants and dark shoes.


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