September 27, 2016

James Otto:

dante inferno there are 9 rings to HELL. so only YOGI had 10 rings and could sit and look at hell. dante inferno it is about man’s struggle through the 9 rings of hell. UNTIL HELL FREEZES over? glide away… great escape like the plains? like gordie say when the dog ran away from home in the plains of canada he could see the dog run away for 3 days!!! ICE 9 cats cradle.. like the beatles with two cats in the yard: lions and tigers and his little house or casino in italian? escaping justice means avoiding the supreme court of 9 or hell’s final decision your cut of made it?… let the justices be 8 or yogi saying SO LONG FOLKS… tribute to yogi to finish off obama’s term with yogi’s 8 justices? REVOLUTION and building bridges?

News article:

Red Wings players to wear No. 9 patch to honor Gordie Howe

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The legendary Gordie Howe who passed away in June will still be very much present during the Red Wings 2016-2017 season and beyond.

The Detroit Red Wings announced the team will sport a red No. 9 patch on their jerseys for all home and away games this season. The team will also have a red No. 9 painted behind both nets at the Joe Louis Arena as a tribute to Mr. Hockey.

“Our team wanted to honor ‘Mr. Hockey,’ due to his incredible impact on the game of hockey, the Red Wings organization and the city of Detroit,” said Tom Wilson, President and CEO of Olympia Entertainment, in a statement.  “Wearing the ‘9’ jersey patch will be one of many ways our team will celebrate and look back on the life and career of Gordie during the upcoming season.”

On October 17, during the home opener for the Wings, fans will get a Gordie Howe poster. The Red Wings are also planning on hosting a Gordie Howe Replica Statue Night on November 4. The first 5,000 fans will get a small replica of the Gordie Howe statue that’s currently at the entrance of The Joe.


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