September 28, 2016

James Otto:

we know the 67 riots were planned bye the 4 day war conference in chicago SOUTH END. we know there are differences… to understand the present look into the past and YOU TUBE buffalo springfield tune FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH!!! it is from 1967 does it apply today?

unarmed person killed? you know the communist attorney cockrel. he represented a killer who killed a man with a knife bye stabbing him in his chest like a carson kid and the person dropped dead. The man was small 5 foot 7 inches and the victim was massive like 6 foot 5 inches and 300+ pounds. the victim threaten to kill him like trayvon martin threaten a much smaller GZ. the communist attorney cockrel in the african community argued the case that it was SELF DEFENSE. just like the victim of the hit and run bye the NFL player in Louisiana who was unarmed and told the african victim that he is going to his SUV to get his gun and shoot him.. so the license victim shot the NFL football player DEAD as a unarmed person. Cockrel argued before the african jury that it was self defense. THe victim was massive in size and threaten to KILL the survivor of the fight. so the survivor STAB HIM ONE TIME IN THE CHEST in his heart like GZ shot TM on time in the heart!!! like carson said he would STAB THE PERSON DEAD as a national african speaker if attacked. So the whole african community voted the GZ body size person was self defense with ONE SHOT OR ONE KNIFE WOUND to the CHESt and both died!!! both were unarmed!!! the TM was 6 foot 3 inches to FAT GZ 5 foot 6 inches. HENCE, the african community votes it was justified!!! yet when a white person does it??? it is an act of discrimination… COCKREL said THE BODY ITSELF IS A WEAPON, a CAR is a weapon,speed is a weapon… and the african rule every time it was justified in the past cases with COMMUNISTS attorney’s. KNOW YOUr ENEMY since any things goes they have no moral values and there size makes them BULLY’s… like chief bully talking about the TEEN rookie cop from bill mililkens schools… WHAT DID THE RURAL WHITE ROOKIE TEEN SAY TO MARSHAL to induce him to walk over to her police car with a gun and shoot her dead? she was a KID COP!!! yet the chief of police said in the uSA from her law school training she said something to the marshal that made him KILL!!! a teen like TM over words…. in africa, the child is the killer in african rebellions… THE AFRICANS should not be allowed to demonstrate since they are in contradictions…. for what it is worth!!! BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD tune on you tube” FOR WHAT’s IT IS WORTH

Wish they would include all his gangster facebook and twitter statements. It shows the development of a demon. expelled from school and hanging out and they can not be watched since it is a civil rights violation? Walking and watching is patrol. why engage security? he was bigger and stronger and he wanted to get rid of security bye showing abuse of rights? notice he wanted to hang out in the darknes when most people are coming home from work. fall it is dark after 6 PM. like the twinkie defense of a city council person in san francisco who shot MILK and the MAYOR dead.. he beat the rap since he ate large amount of sugar before the criminal act..> NOTE TRAYVON had sugar tea and skittles etc or high sugar before his confrontation of condo security!!!! then the event of observation turns to event of FIGHT FOR ONE’s LIFE!!!! as you know ground games and WEST POINT…. you have ROCKFELLER estate up the hudson river called the VIEW protecting West point. Then at the entrance of the hudson river near battery park and GOVERNORS ISLAND you have HENRY II SEE TOWERS(wtc). All watching out for the british labor interest trying to destroy West point and home land security? As you know HENRY FORD bagley and IIIrd garage where he came out of his building through the WALL has the GENERAL there that placed a CHAIN across the hudson river to stop the british from destroying west point. THen outside BOOK CADILLAC you have GENERAL MACOMB that ran the 1812 war the only war the usa fought according to ford. rockefeller from cleveland business life to detroit with FORD… made sure the GOVERNORS and RIVER were protected for the GROUND GAME from the british labor interest or DEMON TRAYVON MARTIN…. KNOW YOUR ENEMY

News article:

Trayvon Martin’s parents to release a book on son’s life, death

NEW YORK (AP) — The parents of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen fatally shot in 2012 by a neighborhood watch volunteer, have a book coming out on Jan. 31.

Spiegel & Grau announced Wednesday that it will release “Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin,” by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. The book, narrated alternately by the mother and father, will tell of Trayvon’s “life and struggles, his tragic death, and the transformative movement for justice” that he inspired, according to Spiegel & Grau, a Penguin Random House imprint.

Martin’s parents also will share the “grief and confusion” they have endured and how they contended with an “indifferent system” as they struggled to make sense of what happened.



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