October 30, 2016

James Otto:

we know angel night was called DEVIL’s night in the past. They renamed it to ANGEL NIGHT!!! why? you know from the history channel that the african community drug of CHOICE is PCP or ANGEL’s DUST!!! we know that it creates a demon warrior that liberated detroit under the communist rule of Coleman young. When they come down from PCP they do not know what the done!! They are so scary because like on the history channel they will crash through large pane windows and have glassed impaled in there body and still be an attacking warrior with the glass not bothering them… This is such a scary sight all business or tax base of the GOVERNOR leaves. this is why PCP is two night since halloween is on monday!!! Detroit during coleman young’s absolute tass power, detroit was the PCP capital of AMERICA… since PCP was developed at PARK DAVIS bye VICTOR MADDOX… so maddox is the ulitmate symbol of angel NIGHT… ever wonder when MR MADDOX in GA denied the africans to dine in his diner… they protested and he took a bat them… WHY? was pCP being given to the stupid white people? with the one thing that made detroit a NATURAL LAW PARTY Of communist coleman young conquest… it is the ANGEL DUST and how couples come from SOUTHFIELD and spray paint the walls with child angels shooting police!!! SO DETROIT NAMES a DAY after the DRUG that put so much scared into christians seeing DEMONS of DOJ and supreme court that can not be shot for there scary behavior like running to GLASS windows… you know the garner death was for selling individual cigarette’s. any body in the PCP trade in the african community knows they dip the cig in PCP solution and then go to a christian business and smoke and go crazy and it is discrimination and police abuse!!! ANGEL NIGHT is when they come to your home to do damage like businesses… that is why COLEMAN YOUNG demanded ALL christians leave DETROIT across 8 mile in his first election speech… THEN PCP created DETROIT as we seen today… IT is the WORSHIP of MADDOX and his miracle DRUG that created cities of COMMUNIST DEMONS of HAITI… or the bill and hillary’s HONEY MOON SITE!!! now go to your worship of ANGELS…. see them and wonder at what your parents saw…. still the same like the seger tune…


News article:

Detroit reports 14 fires on first night of Angels’ Night

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The city of Detroit says there were 14 fires reported overnight, which was the first night of Angels’ Night. That’s down from 17 last year.

According to the city, seven of the fires were structure fires, only one of which was vacant. The other seven were trash bins, vehicles and one garage fire.

Last year was the quietest Angels’ Night patrol in the 20-year history with only 52 total fires reported.

Of the seven structure fires, only the one involving a vacant home was deemed suspicious. The cause of the other fires are undetermined and still under investigation.


October 30, 2016

James Otto:

ask why did the colts leave baltimore and the BROWNS went to baltimore? we know that nature speaks and when the FALL is coming there is a COLOR CHANGE!!!! THAT IS THE NATURE of all governments unless they understand tribal demon savages. We know baltimore had the USA flag that stood against the number one miltiary and the ANTHEM was ,made… we know on the west coast COLIN Chapter 7 K refused to support the ANTHEM from baltimore knowing the BROWNS arrived therE and it is a ACT OF NATURE or self evident fact of life and nature… but the owners want the ANTHEM REMOVED to sell two minutes. The FALL of THE USA FLAG or anthem first bye the NFL OWNERS will be a direct attack on FORT MCHENRY!!! that is why GREY went down in BALTIMORE and the city showed police abuse and fall of the USA flag to the utopia of HILLARY!!! colin is a muslim student and hillary is a muslim trial attorney and they want the FLAG DOWN!!! NO ANTHEM and uncondition surrender to a direct coleman young threat or else!!! leave or else across 8 mile… knowing the SYMBOL 8 mile and first usa invasion of northern african as OPERATION TORCH with the 8th army!!! TORCH is DOJ hall mark sign to remove the ANTHEM and USA FLAG, using there PROTESTORS!!! along with destroying the tax base of governors… that is GP!!!

we know hard luck? LUCK is the QB for the colts which fled baltimore harbor like mike phelps.. since we know mark spitz was coached bye COUNCILMAN at INDIANA and mike wanted to beat 7 golds in communist china. yet hard luck was closed and it is bootleggers. boots are made for walking over YOU… nancy and FRANK sinatra? we know all parks generally are named after war battles etc. that was why caesar offical residence is 50th(states) and PARK!!! they only have to get rid of the HOT SPOT… that is communications… we know that from the MUSLIMS cornerstones in chicago… They were paid bye the Libyian ambassador to burn the communication infrastructure to chicago or its HOT SPOT!!!! they were paid 3 million to the gang aka CORNERSTONES. then the muslim ambassador blew up and burned the LABELLE disco in germany. so is GP park acting out a WAR theme of the new utopia of hillary!!! the hall mark of DOJ and supreme court PROTESTORS is the burning and destruction of the GOVERNOR’s tax base!!! in WWII the usa invasion of northern african was called OPERATION TORCH… the federal government is embedded and now on the USA governors stars the DOJ is burning all the tax base of GOVERNORS using simple muslim-communist protestors… in the past they were callled SAVAGES and removed to reservations… ask why did the colts flee baltimore and the BROWNS went to baltimore harbor… we know U of M wanted BROWN as there new president!!! since the BROWNS became the RAVENS in balitmore… but colts remained the colts in INDIANA… OMEN ,the ravens knocking LENORE’s door… or middle class mitt’s Mother’s door? THEY ARE COMING TO BURN OUT THE HOT SPOTS…. end communications and begin the request for phones and then the CUTTING or slashing of the residents using the teen recruits… remove the cell phone and then cut the owner… that is GP at night? that is what the muslim ambassador paid for!!! give the phone and cut them up… like they are coming from CAMP DEARBORN… war is just repeated?

News article:

Crews battle 4-alarm fire at building that housed Bashara sex dungeon

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) – Fire crews battled a 4-alarm fire at an apartment in Grosse Pointe Park, 7 Action News has learned.

The apartment is located at Mack and Nottingham and is above Bootleggers and Rockefellers bars.

We’re told the tenant had a space heater catch fire around 5:30 a.m. Sunday, and the tenant tried to put the fire out. It didn’t work and it spread out of control.

Right now, crews say there is a lot of damage, and they fought the fire for hours. Late Sunday morning, they were still putting out hot spots, but said the fire was mostly out.

The fire happened in the same building where Bob Bashara allegedly had his sex dungeon as well. That was below Hard Luck Lounge, which has since closed and been replaced by Bootleggers.


October 30, 2016

James Otto:

need for speed? you saw that in top gun movie when they were walking on the tarmac. we know speed on the ground… that is like in montana where they have no speed limit and you can go as fast as you want!!! as you know that is BIG SKY country but speed on the GROUND… Now you know tommy!!! with goose. you goose the guy in front of you but you know that as DRAFTING!~!! then you get a HOLE SHOT!!! that is DRIVING in the big sky!!!! lutz doesn’t understand the ground game!!!


News article:

One dead, two injured in crash on Detroit’s west side

DETROIT (WXYZ) – One person is dead and two others are injured following a crash on Detroit’s west side.

It happened on Pembroke at Lahser.

Police say, the driver of a black Audi was heading southbound on Lasher when they hit a gold 2005 Buick heading eastbound on Pembroke.

The crash sent the Audi into the side of a nearby home. We’re told no one inside the house was injured. Police tell us a woman had to be cut from the car.

Both drivers and a passenger were taken to the hospital. We’re being told the passenger in the Buick did pass away.

October 30, 2016

James Otto:

looks like a ISIS fighter…


News article:

Female person of interest wanted in connection to hit-and-run death of Detroit police officer

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Detroit police have released a photo and video of a female person of interest wanted in connection to the hit-and-run death of Detroit Police Officer Myron Jarrett on Friday night.

According to police, the woman was seen entering and exiting a store with Steven Guzina around 11 p.m. in the 14500 block of Fenkell. Guzina is the man arrested in connection to the hit-and-run.

Police say they believe the woman was a passenger in the vehicle that hit and killed Jarrett.

She is described as a woman with light complexion, 30-40 years old, 5-feet-3 to 5-feet-5 wearing a multi-colored hat, blue jacket and brown pants.

Police say it appears she has an injury to her right arm.

October28, 2016

James Otto:

kerry will be the most traveled sec. of state! we know the travel office scandal with bill and hillary and then the dead male found in a civil war battlefield near DC was a worker in hillary’s office(foster) and scandal? We know dante’s inferno the comic who wanted BEATRICE and failed. we know beatrice married a MAN who love HELL and he was GEORGE S. PATTON. We know langdon solves the mysteries in the movie. we know langdon race course was the site henry ford purchased for his Model T war production machine. we know they chose brooks to follow langdon and we know army BROOKS burn formula for treatment. We know in the inferno the CLOCK stopped one minute before MN(midnight) and then world plague and renasissance after the disaster. But HP area is the pershing school and his minute man missile LANGDON who gets it DONE!!! we know HP had chrysler tank the patton preferred weapon. and we know the plague was to begin during a summer solstice in turkey in the sunken palace with the orchestra playing. this is like the titanic that is TOO BIG to sink like GM!!! but it happened? so they forced the orchestra to play while they muster to escape. we know a wolf like virginia wolf aka beatrice nuture romulus and remus to form rome’s ground game or city? we know romulus is our AIR FORCE and we remus -ter when a ship is going down? we know sienna was chosen to follow langdon the FORD MODEL T plant with the 4 HORSES!!!? yet sienna is a toyota car and a pigment of BROWN AND YELLOW. we know oswald lived with a lady who raised rats/mice or vehicles for plague for the univeristy in NEW ORLEANS. then they knew langdon model T plant had HOLY WATER to it. we know dante’s death mask was found in the HOLY WATER to HP? dante’s face was in a bag like the BAG containing the PLAGUE in TURKEY!!! he hates patton that much for marrying BEATRICE? So to communicate like in grid failure when it is cut off and they prevent the release of the bag in turkey!!! Ever wonder why that major pathway to henry ford’s home is line to the SUMMER SOLSTICE which was the day of release of the PLAGUE!!! raven knocking on lenore’s door? note hillary always has a COLD wishing you would have one, too? we know in chicago the libya ambassador paid the cornernstones in chicago to burn the communication like email? they also blown up the labelle disco in germany were very private ford was blow up!!! like brooks blew up solistic party and the ambassadors were in TURKEY who ordered it. this all happens via EMAIL in the secretary of state of each nation hillary went too? Dante inferno is JUST DETROIT and its PERSHING MINUTE MAN MISSILE and TANK production and four war horses the mormons want? we know the rotunda burned down, but in ireland the rotunda is the birthing hospital and they had TB or infectious disease and the insiders said they will burn it down to get rid of the DISEASE TB… that is why the rotunda burned down bye the LIONS training camp! now you seen AMBASSADORS under hillary via EMAILS and DANTE INFERNO and GEORGE S PATTON’s WIFE BEATICE!!! or bill and hillary?


News article:

Clinton ‘confident’ renewed investigation won’t lead to charges

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A new shock hit Hillary Clinton’s campaign Friday in the unpredictable and often unbelievable presidential race: The FBI is looking into whether there was classified information on a device belonging to the estranged husband of one of her closest aides.

Adding to the drama of the stunning revelation: The FBI uncovered the emails during a sexting investigation of Anthony Weiner, the disgraced ex-congressman who is separated from longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

RELATED: Hillary Clinton email scandal: FBI recommends no criminal charges

It was a day that thrilled Republicans eager to change the trajectory of the race, none moreso than GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“Hillary Clinton’s corruption is on a scale we have never seen before,” Trump said while campaigning in battleground New Hampshire. “We must not let her take her criminal scheme into the Oval Office.”

Democrats, still confident Clinton will prevail in 11 days, were enraged by Comey’s decision to disclose the existence of the fresh investigation in a vaguely worded letter to several congressional leaders.

“The FBI has a history of extreme caution near Election Day so as not to influence the results,” said California Sen. Dianne Feinstein. She added, accusingly, “Today’s break from that tradition is appalling.”

BREAKING: FBI reopening of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

“FBI has learned of..emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.”

It wasn’t until hours after Comey’s letter emerged that word came that the source of the new emails was Weiner, the former congressman under investigation for sending sexually explicit text messages to a teenage girl.

“We don’t know what to believe,” Clinton said, adding, “Right now, your guess is as good as mine, and I don’t think that’s good enough.”

The development also reignited persistent worries among Democrats that electing the former first lady will restart a cycle of scandal and investigation that could rival the final portion of her husband’s term in office.


A great day in our campaign just got even better. FBI reviewing new emails in Clinton probe @CNNPolitics http://cnn.it/2eXQL0z 

Photo published for Clinton calls on FBI to release 'full and complete facts' of email review

Clinton calls on FBI to release ‘full and complete facts’ of email review

Hillary Clinton’s email controversy roared back to the forefront of the presidential campaign Friday when FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers the bureau is reviewing new emails related to her…



To the frustration of many in his party, Trump has struggled to consistently drive an attack against Clinton, often turning to personal denunciations of private citizens he feels have wronged him, like the Gold Star family of Captain Humayun Khan, a Muslim-American soldier killed in action.

That may be changing. He quickly pounced on the email news, seeing an opportunity to press the argument he’s long tried to make against Clinton: that she thinks she’s above the law and that she put U.S. security at risk by using her personal email.

After weeks of declaring the race “rigged” in favor of his opponent, Trump declared Friday he has “great respect” for the FBI and the Justice Department, now that they are “willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made” in concluding the investigation earlier.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz urged the FBI to “follow the facts, wherever they lead.” President Barack Obama plans to travel to support Clinton nearly every day that’s left in the campaign.

“He’s going to be proud to support her from now until Election Day,” Schultz said.


October 27, 2016

James Otto:

114,000 residences can sue! years of court cases. None will improve their home since they can not be sold and welfare can not rent them. They are spending millions to put in pipes in home they not going to do any repairs. They blame the flint river water and that was was good drinking water from the plant. this is a conspiracy to extract tax payers money when they only needed a whole house water filtration system and bad pipes and broken pipes are totally neutralized.


News article:

Flint residents can sue state and Governor Snyder, court rules

(WXYZ) – Residents in Flint have just won a major victory in the Michigan Court of Claims.

Judge Mark Boonstra ruled the tainted water damaged the health of residents and hurt their property values.

The judge said the allegations “shock the conscience.”

This means residents can now move forward seeking money damages.

One of the residents in the suit is Melissa Mays who told 7 Action News just a few weeks ago she still had high lead levels in her water based recent tests.

The water in flint is still not safe to drink for all residents.

Michigan Court of Claims by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit on Scribd


October 26, 2016

James Otto:

that means they are going to blow up a H bomb in space to wipe out all the transmissions? that was a plan in the past if russia attacks.

News article:

Geomagnetic storm may disrupt power around the world

A giant coronal hole in the sun recently sent charged particles hurtling toward Earth.

These solar winds triggered a geomagnetic storm that could disrupt power grids, radio navigation systems and satellites, which could cause problems with phone and internet networks.

This most recent event was big enough for the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center to issue a moderate geomagnetic storm watch for Wednesday.

It isn’t all bad news, though. Because of the strength of the storm, parts of the United States may get a look at the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

Areas as far south as northern Indiana and northern Ohio could get a bit of a show overnight.

Over the next few days, the chances of any disruptions and auroras will decrease.

Follow Storm Shield Meteorologist Jason Meyers via the Storm Shield app on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Download the Storm Shield Weather Radio App for your iPhone or Android device and get severe weather alerts wherever you are. Named by Time.com one of the best weather apps for your iPhone.


October 26, 2016

James Otto:

it is like rambo left behind to protect abandon usa military equipment. thinking houston is coming? we know they are not coming back. like rambo II when the cia wanted him to get photo’s of POW’s in communist coleman young pow camps. he went in and found the camp and decide to bring back the POW’s and the cia pick up zone saw him with POW’s but they wanted photo’s only. then abandon rambo and the pow’s to the HOUSE OF PAIN pow camp. rambo was forced to call the cia base with WOLF code name like ROME city founding mother. then he said he is coming for CIA dude… he beat up the russians and left in the bell helicopter taking again the POW’s rather then pictures. then russia brought attack helicopter and shot rambo down into a RIVER and with the photography it show the bell helicopter sitting smoking in the middle of the river like BELL ISLE… the russians started to gloat over their great shooting and was going to finally blow up.. rambo had a hand held toledo rocket and took down the communist coleman young helicopter… then he flew away to the cia base and BEAT UP THE CIA BOSS. so this is common stories of USA FORCES abandoning soldiers…. note how the dog protects the EQUIPMEnt… since KING only brings love to TOWN!!! shame on usa military and there policy of abandoning people like tommy in burma…


News article:

Dog left behind after family moves out, waits for owners to return for a month

(WXYZ) – A dog left behind after a family moves out of their Detroit home has a new lease of life.

It’s a heartbreaking photo making the rounds on social media. It’s hard to imagine that someone could just leave behind this beautiful, friendly dog.

But that’s what happened to Boo.

Mike Diesel of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue said, “It’s absolutely heartbreaking for him. It’s heartbreaking for anybody that sees it.”

Boo was found, laying down alone outside on a mattress next to a pile of trash, waiting for his family to return for about a month.

Neighbors say he was left behind when his owners were evicted from their Northwest Detroit home.

“They came back one time, took the belongings that they chose to keep. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Boo.”

Luckily, neighbors fed Boo and tried to get the word out on social hoping someone would come to his rescue.

Mike spent more than 15 hours just to gain Boo’s trust.

He said, “Getting to know my voice. Getting him to know that I wouldn’t hurt him. Getting him to know he can trust humans again.”

Mike brought the pit bull mix to Groesbeck Animal Hospital and gave him the name, based on markings on his left side.

“It appears to say ‘Boo.’ There is a ‘B.’ There is an ‘O.’ And there is another ‘O.'”

Laura Owens is a veterinary technician of Groesbeck Animal Hospital.  She is treating Boo.

“He is wonderful,” she said. “You would think that he would be scared and fearful of people but he is not. He came in here wagging his tail.”

Right now, Boo is heart worm positive but his overall health looks great.

“Dogs are the most loyal,” Mike added. “If we can get humans to be anywhere close to that level of compassion then we would have a much better world.”

Boo will be under vet care for the next 30 days, after that, the organization will be looking to find a foster home for Boo.

If you are interested, contact the rescue at detroityouthanddogrescue@gmail.com or call Groesbeck Animal Hospital at 586-463-7387.

October 26, 2016

James Otto:

when a woman from HAWAII is going to help her in MI, it makes you think of 12-7-41. is hillary prepared if she loses the TOTAL NAVY bye embedding? ONLY DETROIT made it out of ford island and was blown up in california. cher husband was from detroit and he lost it down hill bye hitting a TREE!!! it was the same thing james dean did in a porsche hit a tree like rebels with out a cause… FDR after navy wipe out!!! total lost of the philippines unsinkable ships!!! FDR reads the report saying 24 states will surrender if the JAPS invade. show me is missouri? yet in the end the missouri and detroit were in habor in tokyo bay!!! BROTHERS. or CITY STATE!!!.. now there is a new detroit goat and recognized as the rebith of the slaughter of the detroit goat from chicago… CUBS made the series a century ago… TURN BACK TIME… hawaii cher?

turn back time was on the USS MISSOURI 63 or kennedy time. she married a guy from detroit… the two ended up at the end of II in tokyo bay… city state!!! watch it on you tube the USS MISSOURI 63… if I could turn back time… CITY STATE in the bay!
News article:

Cher to campaign in Michigan for Hillary Clinton on October 31

(WXYZ) – Campaign sources confirm that superstar Cher will be stumping for Hillary Clinton in Michigan on Monday, October 31.

Cher will reportedly attend a private fundraiser in Bloomfield Hills.

October 26, 2016

James Otto:

as a mentor like mohamed williams he was only looking for his son. pugh should have gone to haiti and found MALVO!!! malvo is the mentor program they work on. look at what his son did to federal workers in the belt way!!! now you see why people go to the island and bring back little boys!!! MALVO in training… that is the MENTOR PROGRAM… now on the other level is trustee cosby going in and mentoring actors and partying hard? since king said he only bringS LOVE!!!! city council president pugh and temple university trustee are mentors for MALVO -son? Ever wonder why cosby lives inconnecticut is trustee at TEMPLE in philly and he has a home there… they cross lines and bring love and take home money? like illegals crossing the boarder they work hard and send the money back to their nation. NO domestic school can do train a person to be real. like the african elected in a district that she does not own housing but said her residence is her son’s apartment… that is illegal crossing and winning a elected seat!!! THAT IS A VIRTUE according to senate defense!!!! DEMON tass press keeps it going!!! revolution of demons…
ever wonder why pugh went to seattle where MALVO and WILLIAMS did all there GUN training. was pugh looking for revenge asking someone to DO IT? then malvo and williams or mentor and daddy bonding went to new orleans and saw the damaged caused bye BUSH 43? then they went to the belt way of the boxer rebellion and shot federal employee’s? All the mentor’s training of malvo happen in seattle area. it is like child that disappeared recently, and was found. The kids surname was a witness at the kwame first trial for the LOVE PARTY and the mayor’s mansion and only mrs new elected mayor wife had the keys. so thugs broke in and partied and they want a BRAND NEW MAYOR MANSION, ASAP!!! imagine tass news papers marketing a new mansion for the mayor since it was drug party den!!!! so kids disappearing are tag with a symbol… where did the TRAINING BEGIN… WA and then the BIG EASY, then kill a party girl in ALABAMA, then to boxer beltway and shoot the federal employees!!! party girl greene was kill then the big easy or windsor, then federal prosecutors take down kwame like WILLIAMS AND MALVO…. symbols of the revolution… training, mentor and WASHINGTON red apple STATE activation after GRANHOLM’s RED DAWN II in the red apple state movie shot in detroit!!!… REVOLUTION…through public education!!! FATHER AND SON!!! black nationalists!!!!
remember the upjohn heir got busted for a peds case and he offered castration for release? we know pugh is going to prison where all the sexuality is expressed openly and young kids are there like malvo wishing for a mentor and willing to do the dirty work… we know pugh will do short time and be heavily reenforced to carry on with his sexuality. so with many years of probation censoring his well re enforced sex life post prison… he will violate probation very quickly unless he has MALVO early release soldiers to protect his ruling rank? ever wonder why ferndale has all those african teens breaking into cars and stealing… then pugh had his government car stolen and found abandon on I 94. then pugh disappeared for a few days… we know in mentoring that he hung in ferndale night club scene with guys with NICE CARS… so if you run a major car break in squad and you want to be accepted as a person who lost a car to gain more attention in the night life scene… have you car stolen to be like the rest of the dudes having nice cars stolen… THIS IS PURE BEAUTY OF MENTORSHIP!!!
News article: 

Charles Pugh takes plea deal, faces 5.5 to 15 years in prison in sexual assault case

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh has accepted a plea deal in his sexual assault case.

Pugh pleaded guilty to two criminal sexual conduct charges at a hearing Wednesday morning in Wayne County Circuit Court. He now faces 5.5 to 15 years in prison. The judge said he would also be permanently placed on the sex offender’s list.

“I think it’s justice, because the most important thing is people know he’s a sexual predator,” said Austin Williams, Pugh’s victim.

Williams told the media that he is OK with being publicly identified.

“The shame that he put on myself, on the countless other young men who have dealt with him, he now has to feel that for the rest of his life,” he said.

Pugh was originally charged with five counts of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly having a sexual relationship with then 14-year-old Williams.

In preliminary exams, Williams, who is now in his 20s, testified that the sexual relationship began shortly after asking for an internship with Pugh.