October 5, 2016

James Otto:

yet videos of trustee cosby bringing a 15 yo girl are not to be found.

News article:

More Playboy videos featuring Donald Trump resurface

Just days after BuzzFeed uncovered a 2000 Playboy tape that featured an appearance from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, CNN has found two more Playboy videos that feature the Republican presidential nominee.

The videos featuring Trump were released in 1994 and 2001. As with the 2000 video, scenes in which Trump appear do not feature nudity or sexual content, though women appear nude in other parts of the films.

In Playboy’s 1994 “Video Centerfold” Trump, he helps the magazine search for its 40th anniversary playmate. He’s seen photographing fully clothed models with a polaroid camera.

CNN reached out to Bridget Marks, one of the models Trump interviews in the video. She said she had a positive experience with Trump during the video shoot. The network also spoke to Jeff Cohen, a senior photo editor with the magazine, who offered similar sentiments about his experience with Trump — though he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton.

In the 2001 Playboy video, Trump appears backstage at a fashion show with his now-wife Melania Trump.



Last week, Trump garnered criticism for attacking former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado for gaining weight after winning her title in 1996. Trump also encouraged his followers on Twitter to “check out” her sex tape: A clip of her having sex with a co-star on a spanish-language reality show.


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