October 5, 2016

James Otto:

go to the origin? 4 days of war conference in chicago in the past. this was were they planned the attack on the cities bye killing the cops like in nam during 68 tet. As you when westmoreland was given billions and 500,000 troops and was asked bye the senate defense is NAM SAFE… YES!!! was the answer. Snickers were noticed saying over the last year or so, the communist coleman young forces were relocating black girl and man to the cities with one objective to KILL THE COPS!!! as you know after a few weeks of being secure in words. All the cities fell to black girl and man and the cops were KILLED. Once khe sanh was secured, then westmoreland had to kill off 69%of communist coleman young black girl and man in the cities to bring back business. THen after 4 months of killing, westmoreland declared 68 tet OVER!!! o n 4-4-68 when KING was killed at his infectious disease bomb in memphis!!!! since asians were not tried as war criminals for infectious experimentations as long as they told the truth to macarthur who granted them IMMUNITY. So the bomb was being built and justice was render to a graduate of COMMUNIST MOUNTAIN VIEW SCHOOL… know your communist symbols?

News article: 

Felony charges announced against Detroit man after Facebook threat against police officers

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has announced felony charges against a Detroit man who reportedly made threats of violence against police on Facebook.

Nheru Gowan Littleton, 40, has been charged with Making a Terroristic Threat and Using a Computer to Commit a Crime.

Police say Littleton posted a message on July 8 on Facebook that encouraged killing police officers.

This message was reportedly posted shortly after the shootings in Dallas where five officers were killed.



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