October 10, 2016

James Otto:

a NEW YORK RESIDENT coming to WSU which is run bye the governors!!! we know hudson river ends at battery park at WTC or henry II towers and he got the back of GOVERNOR’s ISLAND just in case the british try to come up the hudson which as we know the LARGEST COTTON USA FLAG which was shown at thanksgiving? The governor’s island like bill in arkansas are right out FRONT to stop the WORLD’s GREATEST MILITARY the british empire. right after a town hall debate like in concord and lexington and bunker hill.The british are coming like the STANFORD SWIMMER BROCK TURNER now in ohio. Knowing british general brock conquered camp dearborn and detroit at the turn of the century. brock turner abused women and grab her to alice her to see if she was alive behind the garbage dumpster. Like old time military battles. they allow a company to attack and they retreat and the victor celebrates and gets DRUNK since booze supplies were not intercepted but delivered like civil rights blonde workers like amada knox to the congo bar!!!. Then at red dawn with the drunk victor military sleeping the forces attack and destroy the DRUNKS soldiers like on the uss arizona on 12-7-41. NOte, that was what BROCK DID to the girl. Hillary will most likely address the untested rape kits from brock attacks since her daughter went to stanford, too!!! she knows MAD ANTHONY WAYNE saved WEST POINT from BROCK!!! FROM A TOWN HALL DEBATE in concord, lexington be prepared like tony(mad anthony) broadway WAYNE!!! . Know abusive people like brock…

News article:

Hillary Clinton speaks at Wayne State University

(WXYZ) – Hot off the second presidential debate, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made a stop in the Motor City.

She held a rally on the campus of Wayne State University.

With the finish she made Sunday night, she’s hoping to pick up more support ahead of the election, that’s now just less than a month away.

With her visit here, she’s targeting younger voters and pushing them to register to vote ahead of the deadline Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton is also laid out what’s at stake come November for Michigan families and highlight her vision for an America with an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top as she always says.


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