October 10, 2016

James Otto:

water always WINS!!!! the fight for water commissioner?

News article:

Allegations fly as race for Macomb County Water Commissioner gets dirty


(WXYZ) – The race for Macomb County Public Works Director just got dirty and it has been muddy from the beginning.

Candice Miller has been Michigan Secretary of State and is currently a member of Congress. She’s running against incumbent Anthony Marrocco who has been public works director for 24 years and has not had a serious challenge until now.

He allegedly told a group of people that Miller “got knocked up” while in high school and does not have a college degree.

He denies saying it.

Miller calls it a vicious lie.

Both candidates are running on a clean the water campaign.

As 7 Action News has reported, Macomb County has two Retention Treatment Basins that hold the flow of combined storm and sanitary sewers.  But in a heavy rain, that is given some treatment and millions of gallons of sewage are discharged into lake St. Clair.

Miller also alleges Marrocco hired a former stripper he was dating to work in his office, but fired her after only 4 months and paid her off in an out of court settlement.

7 Action News is gathering documents and more information in this case and will have more reports in the days ahead.


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