October 11, 2016

James Otto:

look at the outreach: clinton township to detroit. Hazel park passed a law to allow marijuana grow in those abandon factories along 9 mile. They want to get some occupancy. why do the clowns show with a warrant and driving with a suspended license. They now have rapid buses to detroit? I think they want the taxpayers to pay for there legal fee’s and they will beat the whole rap since the masks are not illegal. Progression like the 3rd yr business student at U of M, he got a DUI then two weeks later he beat up his girl friend and then trashed her car and U of M said he is no threat to U of M students and will continue his schooling at U of M and will graduate(guaranteed?). Need attention and get all the benefits from the tax payers? Like the central park 5 teens, arrested for park vandalism and rape when there was 150 attackers in the park and they planned the attack. The teens admitted to the rape and beating and damaging public property and they got long jail time and they had a U of M like service…get a college degree while in prison. they got the degrees and all trials and attorney fees paid bye the tax payers.and beat the rap after completing college for forced confession without parents present. then for that incident and release the african young men got 42 million dollars from the taxpayers. INTENT like colin chapter 7 k in the nfl is destruction… the 5 kids got room and board and school and college paid, all legal fees and clean record and 42 million…very good U of M like students? revolution bye colin Chapter 7 K!!!!

News article:

Creepy clown scare in Hazel Park results in the arrests of two suspects, cellphone video obtained

(WXYZ) – Hazel Park police have arrested two men in connection with a clown scare at two locations, the McDonald’s and Mobil Gas station located on 9 Mile Road. Cellphone video shows the scare.

Police say they received a number of 911 calls about an individual in a clown mask scaring customers away. The incidents took place around 4:30 a.m. on October 11.

Deonte Wiley, 21 of Clinton Township, and Aaron Williams, 22 of Detroit, were arrested.

Wiley, was reportedly wearing a clown mask and approaching vehicles in the drive-thru of McDonald’s, causing panic.

Williams was reportedly the driver of the vehicle involved in the scares.

Officers located the suspects and arrested them. A clown mask was found in the back seat along with open alcohol. Wiley also had an outstanding warrant out of Hazel Park. Williams had a suspended license and multiple outstanding warrants.

Wiley was arraigned on charges of Disorderly Conduct, Open Intox Motor Vehicle, and Traffic Warrant.

Williams was arraigned on Disorderly Conduct and a Driving With a Suspended License.

Bond was set at $25,000 cash surety for both suspects.

Investigators are trying to secure video footage of the incidents.



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