October 13, 2016

James Otto:

Reynolds aluminum was considered a monopoly. Looks like the name carries on? You see these investigations into corruption. why not do it for the school contracts like the detroit bust. Select warren and southfield and run book on how many kickbacks takers there are in the school? Imagine the upcoming roads contracts and the kickback there since there is a flood of money for repairs…. ROADS-SCHOOLS- City contracts are three areas of graft and just find the true percentages for sociologic research

5  hours later:

we know general macomb was in charge of the 1812 war. They had a after war battle in new orleans. so is history being reversed? we know reynolds is running against CANNON. we know dr cannon of new orleans and he was a HEISMAN. the feds busted cannon in new orleans and put him in federal prison for money issues. Now in commanding general of 1812 area, the feds are protecting CANNON bye arresting REYNOLDS????? HISTORY CHANGING? use cannons to protect PORTS!!! they removed cannon in new orleans the HEISMAN and cannon survived in general macomb area? riddle me that symbol

News article:

Clinton Twp. Trustee charged with demanding and taking bribes in exchange for his vote on contracts


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