October 13, 2016

James Otto:

remember the 1812 war and they were very concern where GENERAL BROCK was after he acquired surrender of CAMP DEARBORN with total massacre and camp detroit with exodus. general brock got detroit to surrender bye saying that if the war begins like 68 tet he can not control the savage indians and they will KILL and BUTCHER all the christians like at camp dearborn. So general hull surrender detroit to the british and they had a exodus to ohio. Hull said they wanted the fort to be there for the christians when they return like today after coleman young communist threat to leave or ELSE!!! but BROCK BURNED DOWN THE FORT leaving the christians as homeless and HULL was then tried to treason for not fighting bye the first american born president – van buren the red head like RONNIE!!! notice only ronnie and van buren wanted to fight the british? so brock left the SAVAGES behind like coleman young soldiers to block the christians from returning to detroit… WHERE DOES BROCK WORK? camp dearborn and detroit!!!!! land scape work… removing detroit and dearborn? DID YOU SEE THE RED COATS or the RED DEVIL?

News article:

Brock Turner has incorrect work address listed on sex offender registry

Convicted sex offender Brock Turner is now in Ohio, but his work address remains unknown as the address on the official sex offender registry does not exist, the Dayton Daily News reported Thursday.

According to the sex offender registry, Turner’s work address is near a residential community in Centerville, Ohio, a suburb of nearby Dayton. There are no buildings are the address Turner listed.

Several sheriffs departments are investigating the cause of the error, according to the Dayton Daily News. It is unknown on whether Turner gave an false address, or if the address was transcribed incorrectly.

The report says that Turner works for a local landscaping company.

Turner moved back to Ohio in September after being released from jail on a sexual assault conviction. Turner was originally a resident of the Dayton area before moving to California to join Stanford’s swim team.

There, Turner sexually assaulted a woman who was unresponsive. Turner’s criminal case gained national attention when a judge gave Turner a three-month sentence, which was much less than the maximum of 14 years.



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