October 13, 2016

James Otto:

OMEN? kaine comes to detroit when the USS DETROIT is to be commissioned. We know the USS MISSOURI and USS DETROIT was in tokyo bay during the unconditional surrender. It was new ship since the african embedded sworn oath kwame people blew up the USS detroit in HARBOR in CA. KAINE and a WAR SHIP? USS DETROIT is going to be based on the pacific coast-_REPEAT?. BIll ayers and all the bombing in MADISON, WISCONSIN were the USS DETROIT WAS MADE. pratt and whitney engine plant like the CRUISE missile engine plant in MI was attack bye plane this week. DETROIT IN HARBOR is a symbol? army general did the impossible in 45, got a nation of 3000 years to surrender when they never lost a war in 3000 years. So detroit is outside GM!!!! MOTORS are symbols…. KNOW THE ENEMY?


News article:

Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine to campain in Detroit next week

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine will be in Detroit to campaign for Hillary Clinton next week, the Clinton campaign announced.

Kaine and his wife, the Honorable Ann Holton, will be in the city on Tuesday, Oct. 18.

It is expected that Kaine will delivery a speech on the economy and talk about the election for Michiganders.

The visit comes just a week after Clinton was in Detroit for a voter registration event.

Last month, Kaine also made a visit to Ann Arbor.


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