October 13, 2016

James Otto: 

why is it the dude is angry at some one he does it at SCHOOL? Is it a school project? Why doesn’t it happen in the street after school? this is like the tunes ME against the world when the world is the school? This case is like the one where the dude did it only on face book to a out of state girl who dad was a cop and he reported to the sheriff and he was arrested with all his guns and things and his face book rants of his targets. Does halloween bring out the show… like one day he is a DEVIL and next day he is a SAINT… happy halloween?

News article: 

Sterling Heights High School student charged with making terror threats against classmates

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) – A Sterling Heights High School student is charged with making a terror threat after he threatened individual students and the study body.

Brenden Joseph Boucher, 18, is charged with false report or threat of terrorism and possessing a weapon in a weapon-free zone. He was arraigned on the charged Thursday morning.

According to police, Boucher went up to a classmate and said, “One day I’m going to come up behind you when you’re not knowing and shoot you in the back of the head.”

Police say he had also said he was “going to make Columbine look like a joke,” and planned to “take an AR out of my backpack.”

When school officials found out about the comments, they removed Boucher from the classroom and found a steel knife with a curved 4-inch blade in his backpack.

He was immediately arrested.



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