October 14, 2016

James Otto:

we may not be looking at this right? we know gun boat diplomacy? We know that this week HP was declared a FREE NATION bye the muslims the home town of congressman conyers which implies as a founder of the black caucus his goal has been reached? As you know he signed letters to get african citizens into the military academy to defend the free NATION homeland. Now they have the guns and a free muslim NATION. Then the usa response is to move up a WAR SHIP to combat this insurrection? Knowing that the presence of this war ship is coming might be considered a threat to the FREE NATION!!! they will attack like it is the MAINE!!!! since the 68 olympics had black power fists all over and the maine was the spanish america war were we got cuba, p. rico and philippines. since the philippines has left the usa, and cuba was conquerer bye NY students and P. RICO is in so much debt is it called HP of the carribean or the offical residence of founder of the black caucus CONYERS seeking a FREE NATION!!!!… THEY MAY ATTACK GUN BOAT DIPLOMACY as a threat to P. RICO aka HP? TIMING is the key since you know clinton recognized the FREE NATION of CONCH bye inviting a representives to the INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER estate of JIM DEERING to the meetings of the AMERICA’s with the POPE present, too!!!. Clinton will recognize HP like the FREE NATION OF CONCH!!! or KEYS to the USA since it has no military science to defeat BLACK CACUS of the 68 tet mexican olympics!!! CONCH and HP are FREE and now a WAR SHIP moves up once declared FREE NATION bye the muslims!!! expect an attack on the war ship???? the two events are timed… in the new nation of conch they did send a war ship there from the deuce 4th fleet. THIS IS BIG TIME POLITICS like grenada and communist bishop armed overthrow of the government under ronnie who was elected from DETROIT!!! Pure colin chapter 7 K and hillary muslim trial attorney in san francisco conquest of the west coast like the KEYS!!! KNOW YOUR ENEMY?


News article:

USS Detroit docks in downtown Detroit in front of Renaissance Center

(WXYZ) – The USS Detroit has docked in front of the Renaissance in downtown Detroit.

The ship left from Wisconsin earlier this week and made its way through Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake St. Clair and down the Detroit River before docking.

Welcoming ceremonies begin at 2 p.m. near the GM Ren Cen on Friday. There are events happening all week long to celebrate the commissioning on Oct. 22. For more information, visit their websiteor Facebook page.

There are free tours of the ship on Wednesday, Oct. 19 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The tours are free and are first-come-first-serve.

Inside the USS Detroit
LCS 7 USS Detroit Acceptance Trial

LCS 7 USS Detroit Acceptance Trial

LCS 7 USS Detroit Acceptance Trial

LCS 7 USS Detroit Acceptance Trial

LCS 7 USS Detroit Acceptance Trial. Photo courtesy Lockheed Martin.

Photo courtesy Lockheed Martin.

Photo courtesy Lockheed Martin.


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