October 15, 2016

James Otto:

terrorism like the IRA always had two bombs. Now we know mcbride on how to drive down a street real fast and hit a PARK CAR!!!! then walk away and slam into a random house breaking the screen door to get in and was shot and killed. was she a program terrorists since the basement of the protestant churches must teach that current safety equipment on cars if you are offensive and crash the car with intent to do it you can walk away!!!! hence, you test your loyalty to the church of demon bye doing this act!!! CRASHING the car is a PROFILE IN COURAGE event and you are a soldier for the cause!!! Look at this case!! instead of the west side, the event happens on the east side!!! first a car drives through a red light and runs right under the semi truck like the person was driving a tesla on auto pilot!!! then when the police arrive to process the accident and they park their car. A second car with a MCBRIDE warrior or african female rams her car directly into the PARK CAR like MCBRIDE!!! TWO EVENTS LIKE IRA TERRORISTS!!! like atlanta during the olympics at the abortion clinic… first bomb in the lobby of the clinic then the know exodus of the workers and patients to a area near the dumpster… then after a short period of time the second bomb goes off near the dumpster like where BROCK TURNER found a drunk girl and raped her at stanford… brock turner wanted to go to the olympics but the DUMPSTER GIRL BOMB nailed him!!! hence, this is pure MCBRIDE in dearborn… speeding down the street with a semitruck stopped with a tesla car on autopilot underneath and parked car and THIS AFRICAN MCBRIDE CRASHER HER CAR INTO THE PARK COP CAR… TERRORISM from the basements of protestant churches filled with muslims and communists.>> REVOLUTION of colin chapter 7 k…..

News article:

Woman driving drunk crashes into Detroit police car responding to car vs. semi accident

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Detroit police arrested a woman who was driving drunk and crashed into a Detroit police car on Saturday morning.

According to police, officers were responding to a car vs. semi accident on Harper near Gratiot when the crash happened.

We’re told the 26-year-old woman was traveling at a high rate of speed, passing cars on the right when she hit the officer’s patrol car.

She was arrested for operating while intoxicated.

As for the other accident, police say the driver of a semi was going through a green light when a black Mercury Sable ran the red light and hit the semi. The car was pinned under the semi, and the driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition.



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