October 15, 2016

James Otto:

diversity of ann arbor is like 9 rings of hell and bucks and doe’s survive as targets? we know that INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER was own bye JIM deering!!! clinton had the conference of the america’s at the Jim deering estate in florida and even the pope attended. ANN ARBOR wants it to be known like the christians must leave detroit or else they will be harvested!!! first you must have the KEYS to the city like orange taylor killing at HILL DORM. during clinton years when the florida keys succeeded from the UNION to form the new nation of CONCH!!!! bill clinton then recognized the new nation of conch and invited its representative to the conference!!!confirming the seperation and new nation… this was also done this week when HP succeeded from the UNION and formed the FREE NATION!!! showing the future of both clintons is the break up of the UNION to new nations…. when you hunt for the deer you wear ORANGE!!! and orange went hunting at EMU and got BIG DOE!!!! all approved like the U of M third year business student when he was busted for DUI and then next week he was busted for close to KILLING like ORANGE an EMU student and smashing her car UP!!! like shining a light into deers eyes and hitting it over the head with a crow bar!!! ALL ANN ARBOR APPROVED HUNTING of the Christians who refused to leave like the communist coleman young threat in the first speech telling them to leave the city across 8 mile or else they will CULLED as 8 point bucks!!!!…. symbols of ann arbor lust to put on ORANGE AND HUNT!!!!

News article:

Ann Arbor seeks to cull more deer in parks, nature areas

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) – Officials in Ann Arbor want 100 deer shot and up to 60 others sterilized to help reduce their numbers in city parks and nature areas.

The numbers are part of a deer management strategy sent Friday to the Ann Arbor City Council, The Ann Arbor News reported Saturday.

The plan seeks council approval by Nov. 14. The deer cull and sterilizations would start Jan. 1.

The city wants to reduce the number of negative interactions between deer and people. Some residents also have complained of damage by deer to gardens and landscaping.

Sharpshooters killed 63 deer in a cull earlier this year that was opposed by some residents and animal rights activists.

“Full consensus on a plan is unlikely and should not be expected,” Ann Arbor City Administrator Howard Lazarus wrote to the council. “However, increased awareness and acceptance of the plan is desired.”

Lazarus added that the plan is meant to be inclusive and transparent in hope that the community supports it.

“Inclusiveness is being sought by actively engaging with self-organized citizen groups, both for and against last year’s program, as well as reaching out to the Humane Society of Huron Valley to request its participation,” Lazarus wrote.

White Buffalo Inc., a nonprofit that has conducted deer fertility control research in other communities, has said in a proposal sought by the city that it would cost an estimated $55,720 to shoot 100 deer. The cost to capture and sterilized 40 to 60 deer is estimated at just over $77,000, but that amount does not include a site visit or planning and permit costs.

The Ann Arbor City Council already has included $145,000 in the 2016-17 budget for deer management.


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