October 20, 2016

James Otto:

what if the christians did not listen to communist coleman young when he issued the warning in his first speech post election? he told the christians to leave or look up camp dearborn which is OR ELSE!!!! what is the difference between YOUNG and THIS MAN? like a christian cop in nyc which was operating on the new rules of demon mayor of not taking out your gun with an arrest of an AFRICAN DEMON. the cop was beating with severe injuries and never drew the gun!!! eventually the christian cops will leave the 5 areas of NYC!!! demon school mandates or else!!! punching bag laws of elected communist demons… saying the MIGHTY UNION IS WEAK as HELL!!!

News article:

Man accused of threatening police on WXYZ Facebook post heads to trial on terror charges

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The man accused of threatening to kill police officers is heading to trial on terror charges.

Prosecutors say this threat was made right after the Dallas police shootings this summer.

Today some of Detroit’s highest ranking police leaders told the judge how these kinds of threats hurt the department – and the community.

Nheru Littleton listened as police officers and business owners testified about a threat that the 40-year-old allegedly posted on Facebook.

In the post from July 8th, police say the Detroit man encouraged others to kill white police officers.

The post said, quote, “Kill them ALL!!!  Black Lives Matter!!! Black people should start killing all white cops just like they are killing us!!!  Then and only then will s*** stop!!  Why you ask? Because white people will be dropping like flies.”

“Though the threat said ‘white police officers’ I don’t look at my officers that way,” testified Asst. Chief Steven Dolunt. “They’re my officers and they all wear blue. I don’t care what race color sex religion, they’re my officers, so I took it very seriously.”

Dolunt told the Judge that threats like these encourage copycat crimes – so the department has had to increase security.

“We’ve had to run increased security,” said Dolunt. “We’ve had increased bomb threats at schools  A lot of them are just threats, but I take them all seriously So it takes away man power on patrol. The officers are on higher alert because they feel threatened.”

Attorney General Bill Schuette charged Littleton earlier this month with Making a Terroristic Threat and Using a Computer to Commit a Crime.

The business owner who first alerted police to the Facebook post also testified.


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