October 20, 2016

James Otto:

WOW just like the definition of an american bye bill clinton in the soviet union during NAM. they are drug addicts and RICH!! then bill clinton pardon RICH the arms dealer of justice breyer who’s promised STREETS OF BLOOD like the chicago butcher yards with his british degree like clinton. this was done on debate night when the PHilippines seperated from the USA like IKE seperated from castro NY student who armed and took over the cuba government like bishop did in grenada and ronnie invaded. SMASH and GRAB…. as you mexico has now invaded the USA 7 decades too late as germany and japans 4th axis power. philippines president like the iran president wants to KILL ALL DRUG ADDICTS or about 4 million people in the philippines. since sick people can not work… we know that in 1913 michigan went dry of booze and 1915 with the harrison act it went dry of heroin and FORD had PURE PRODUCTION and was declared alcohol and DRUG FREE on holy water and was MADE KING OF THE ROAD!!! to end SMASH and GRAB… was like ford driving home to dearborn where everyone was massacred in the 1812 war coming out of dearborn. Ford was stopped bye tiger stadium or bennett field and smashed and beat up and left for dead and they drove off with his car!!! but detroit only had an exodus like kwame planned as the best plan of all the mayors and mass relocation, rather then the dearborn massacre. It guess when the rotunda burned down that was camp dearborn? philippines are the cubans today as the cubans are now free to enter the usa with there goods and philippines will have to cut its nurses exports in half!!! ALL because of drug addicts and rich can not work… they steal…

News article:

Smash-and-grab reported at Detroit pharmacy

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Detroit police are investigating a smash-and-grab robbery that happened early this morning at a pharmacy near Woodward and Alexandrine Street.

Police say someone smashed their vehicle into a wall of the Midtown Rx Pharmacy in a break-in attempt.

It’s unclear what the suspect or suspects stole from the store.

Investigators are currently on the scene trying to piece together what happened.

The pharmacy is near Harper Hospital and Wayne State University.


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