October 26, 2016

James Otto:

as a mentor like mohamed williams he was only looking for his son. pugh should have gone to haiti and found MALVO!!! malvo is the mentor program they work on. look at what his son did to federal workers in the belt way!!! now you see why people go to the island and bring back little boys!!! MALVO in training… that is the MENTOR PROGRAM… now on the other level is trustee cosby going in and mentoring actors and partying hard? since king said he only bringS LOVE!!!! city council president pugh and temple university trustee are mentors for MALVO -son? Ever wonder why cosby lives inconnecticut is trustee at TEMPLE in philly and he has a home there… they cross lines and bring love and take home money? like illegals crossing the boarder they work hard and send the money back to their nation. NO domestic school can do train a person to be real. like the african elected in a district that she does not own housing but said her residence is her son’s apartment… that is illegal crossing and winning a elected seat!!! THAT IS A VIRTUE according to senate defense!!!! DEMON tass press keeps it going!!! revolution of demons…
ever wonder why pugh went to seattle where MALVO and WILLIAMS did all there GUN training. was pugh looking for revenge asking someone to DO IT? then malvo and williams or mentor and daddy bonding went to new orleans and saw the damaged caused bye BUSH 43? then they went to the belt way of the boxer rebellion and shot federal employee’s? All the mentor’s training of malvo happen in seattle area. it is like child that disappeared recently, and was found. The kids surname was a witness at the kwame first trial for the LOVE PARTY and the mayor’s mansion and only mrs new elected mayor wife had the keys. so thugs broke in and partied and they want a BRAND NEW MAYOR MANSION, ASAP!!! imagine tass news papers marketing a new mansion for the mayor since it was drug party den!!!! so kids disappearing are tag with a symbol… where did the TRAINING BEGIN… WA and then the BIG EASY, then kill a party girl in ALABAMA, then to boxer beltway and shoot the federal employees!!! party girl greene was kill then the big easy or windsor, then federal prosecutors take down kwame like WILLIAMS AND MALVO…. symbols of the revolution… training, mentor and WASHINGTON red apple STATE activation after GRANHOLM’s RED DAWN II in the red apple state movie shot in detroit!!!… REVOLUTION…through public education!!! FATHER AND SON!!! black nationalists!!!!
remember the upjohn heir got busted for a peds case and he offered castration for release? we know pugh is going to prison where all the sexuality is expressed openly and young kids are there like malvo wishing for a mentor and willing to do the dirty work… we know pugh will do short time and be heavily reenforced to carry on with his sexuality. so with many years of probation censoring his well re enforced sex life post prison… he will violate probation very quickly unless he has MALVO early release soldiers to protect his ruling rank? ever wonder why ferndale has all those african teens breaking into cars and stealing… then pugh had his government car stolen and found abandon on I 94. then pugh disappeared for a few days… we know in mentoring that he hung in ferndale night club scene with guys with NICE CARS… so if you run a major car break in squad and you want to be accepted as a person who lost a car to gain more attention in the night life scene… have you car stolen to be like the rest of the dudes having nice cars stolen… THIS IS PURE BEAUTY OF MENTORSHIP!!!
News article: 

Charles Pugh takes plea deal, faces 5.5 to 15 years in prison in sexual assault case

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh has accepted a plea deal in his sexual assault case.

Pugh pleaded guilty to two criminal sexual conduct charges at a hearing Wednesday morning in Wayne County Circuit Court. He now faces 5.5 to 15 years in prison. The judge said he would also be permanently placed on the sex offender’s list.

“I think it’s justice, because the most important thing is people know he’s a sexual predator,” said Austin Williams, Pugh’s victim.

Williams told the media that he is OK with being publicly identified.

“The shame that he put on myself, on the countless other young men who have dealt with him, he now has to feel that for the rest of his life,” he said.

Pugh was originally charged with five counts of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly having a sexual relationship with then 14-year-old Williams.

In preliminary exams, Williams, who is now in his 20s, testified that the sexual relationship began shortly after asking for an internship with Pugh.


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