October 26, 2016

James Otto:

when a woman from HAWAII is going to help her in MI, it makes you think of 12-7-41. is hillary prepared if she loses the TOTAL NAVY bye embedding? ONLY DETROIT made it out of ford island and was blown up in california. cher husband was from detroit and he lost it down hill bye hitting a TREE!!! it was the same thing james dean did in a porsche hit a tree like rebels with out a cause… FDR after navy wipe out!!! total lost of the philippines unsinkable ships!!! FDR reads the report saying 24 states will surrender if the JAPS invade. show me is missouri? yet in the end the missouri and detroit were in habor in tokyo bay!!! BROTHERS. or CITY STATE!!!.. now there is a new detroit goat and recognized as the rebith of the slaughter of the detroit goat from chicago… CUBS made the series a century ago… TURN BACK TIME… hawaii cher?

turn back time was on the USS MISSOURI 63 or kennedy time. she married a guy from detroit… the two ended up at the end of II in tokyo bay… city state!!! watch it on you tube the USS MISSOURI 63… if I could turn back time… CITY STATE in the bay!
News article:

Cher to campaign in Michigan for Hillary Clinton on October 31

(WXYZ) – Campaign sources confirm that superstar Cher will be stumping for Hillary Clinton in Michigan on Monday, October 31.

Cher will reportedly attend a private fundraiser in Bloomfield Hills.


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