October 30, 2016

James Otto:

ask why did the colts leave baltimore and the BROWNS went to baltimore? we know that nature speaks and when the FALL is coming there is a COLOR CHANGE!!!! THAT IS THE NATURE of all governments unless they understand tribal demon savages. We know baltimore had the USA flag that stood against the number one miltiary and the ANTHEM was ,made… we know on the west coast COLIN Chapter 7 K refused to support the ANTHEM from baltimore knowing the BROWNS arrived therE and it is a ACT OF NATURE or self evident fact of life and nature… but the owners want the ANTHEM REMOVED to sell two minutes. The FALL of THE USA FLAG or anthem first bye the NFL OWNERS will be a direct attack on FORT MCHENRY!!! that is why GREY went down in BALTIMORE and the city showed police abuse and fall of the USA flag to the utopia of HILLARY!!! colin is a muslim student and hillary is a muslim trial attorney and they want the FLAG DOWN!!! NO ANTHEM and uncondition surrender to a direct coleman young threat or else!!! leave or else across 8 mile… knowing the SYMBOL 8 mile and first usa invasion of northern african as OPERATION TORCH with the 8th army!!! TORCH is DOJ hall mark sign to remove the ANTHEM and USA FLAG, using there PROTESTORS!!! along with destroying the tax base of governors… that is GP!!!

we know hard luck? LUCK is the QB for the colts which fled baltimore harbor like mike phelps.. since we know mark spitz was coached bye COUNCILMAN at INDIANA and mike wanted to beat 7 golds in communist china. yet hard luck was closed and it is bootleggers. boots are made for walking over YOU… nancy and FRANK sinatra? we know all parks generally are named after war battles etc. that was why caesar offical residence is 50th(states) and PARK!!! they only have to get rid of the HOT SPOT… that is communications… we know that from the MUSLIMS cornerstones in chicago… They were paid bye the Libyian ambassador to burn the communication infrastructure to chicago or its HOT SPOT!!!! they were paid 3 million to the gang aka CORNERSTONES. then the muslim ambassador blew up and burned the LABELLE disco in germany. so is GP park acting out a WAR theme of the new utopia of hillary!!! the hall mark of DOJ and supreme court PROTESTORS is the burning and destruction of the GOVERNOR’s tax base!!! in WWII the usa invasion of northern african was called OPERATION TORCH… the federal government is embedded and now on the USA governors stars the DOJ is burning all the tax base of GOVERNORS using simple muslim-communist protestors… in the past they were callled SAVAGES and removed to reservations… ask why did the colts flee baltimore and the BROWNS went to baltimore harbor… we know U of M wanted BROWN as there new president!!! since the BROWNS became the RAVENS in balitmore… but colts remained the colts in INDIANA… OMEN ,the ravens knocking LENORE’s door… or middle class mitt’s Mother’s door? THEY ARE COMING TO BURN OUT THE HOT SPOTS…. end communications and begin the request for phones and then the CUTTING or slashing of the residents using the teen recruits… remove the cell phone and then cut the owner… that is GP at night? that is what the muslim ambassador paid for!!! give the phone and cut them up… like they are coming from CAMP DEARBORN… war is just repeated?

News article:

Crews battle 4-alarm fire at building that housed Bashara sex dungeon

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) – Fire crews battled a 4-alarm fire at an apartment in Grosse Pointe Park, 7 Action News has learned.

The apartment is located at Mack and Nottingham and is above Bootleggers and Rockefellers bars.

We’re told the tenant had a space heater catch fire around 5:30 a.m. Sunday, and the tenant tried to put the fire out. It didn’t work and it spread out of control.

Right now, crews say there is a lot of damage, and they fought the fire for hours. Late Sunday morning, they were still putting out hot spots, but said the fire was mostly out.

The fire happened in the same building where Bob Bashara allegedly had his sex dungeon as well. That was below Hard Luck Lounge, which has since closed and been replaced by Bootleggers.



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