October 30, 2016

James Otto:

we know angel night was called DEVIL’s night in the past. They renamed it to ANGEL NIGHT!!! why? you know from the history channel that the african community drug of CHOICE is PCP or ANGEL’s DUST!!! we know that it creates a demon warrior that liberated detroit under the communist rule of Coleman young. When they come down from PCP they do not know what the done!! They are so scary because like on the history channel they will crash through large pane windows and have glassed impaled in there body and still be an attacking warrior with the glass not bothering them… This is such a scary sight all business or tax base of the GOVERNOR leaves. this is why PCP is two night since halloween is on monday!!! Detroit during coleman young’s absolute tass power, detroit was the PCP capital of AMERICA… since PCP was developed at PARK DAVIS bye VICTOR MADDOX… so maddox is the ulitmate symbol of angel NIGHT… ever wonder when MR MADDOX in GA denied the africans to dine in his diner… they protested and he took a bat them… WHY? was pCP being given to the stupid white people? with the one thing that made detroit a NATURAL LAW PARTY Of communist coleman young conquest… it is the ANGEL DUST and how couples come from SOUTHFIELD and spray paint the walls with child angels shooting police!!! SO DETROIT NAMES a DAY after the DRUG that put so much scared into christians seeing DEMONS of DOJ and supreme court that can not be shot for there scary behavior like running to GLASS windows… you know the garner death was for selling individual cigarette’s. any body in the PCP trade in the african community knows they dip the cig in PCP solution and then go to a christian business and smoke and go crazy and it is discrimination and police abuse!!! ANGEL NIGHT is when they come to your home to do damage like businesses… that is why COLEMAN YOUNG demanded ALL christians leave DETROIT across 8 mile in his first election speech… THEN PCP created DETROIT as we seen today… IT is the WORSHIP of MADDOX and his miracle DRUG that created cities of COMMUNIST DEMONS of HAITI… or the bill and hillary’s HONEY MOON SITE!!! now go to your worship of ANGELS…. see them and wonder at what your parents saw…. still the same like the seger tune…


News article:

Detroit reports 14 fires on first night of Angels’ Night

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The city of Detroit says there were 14 fires reported overnight, which was the first night of Angels’ Night. That’s down from 17 last year.

According to the city, seven of the fires were structure fires, only one of which was vacant. The other seven were trash bins, vehicles and one garage fire.

Last year was the quietest Angels’ Night patrol in the 20-year history with only 52 total fires reported.

Of the seven structure fires, only the one involving a vacant home was deemed suspicious. The cause of the other fires are undetermined and still under investigation.


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