November 4, 2016

James Otto:

shortly people will be standing in line to vote, and that was the FORT HOOD muslim shooter who shot 30 + soldiers who were trained to kill muslims and no one could stop him. Then a female community cop came on base saw the muslim and squared off and they shot each other. Yet it was only a COMMUNITY COP that stop the muslim from killing just trained soldiers. Is that why BLM hate community cops the way they came on the fed base and saw and shot muslim physician.


News article:


FBI asseses possible terror threat on eve of US election

NEW YORK (AP) – The FBI and New York Police Department say they are assessing the credibility of information they received of a possible al-Qaida terror attack against the U.S. on the eve of Election Day.

Officials say Friday that counterterrorism investigators are reviewing the information that mentioned New York, Texas and Virginia as potential targets.

It wasn’t immediately clear how the intelligence came to investigators’ attention. An NYPD spokesman says in a statement the information “lacks specificity.”

In a statement, the FBI said it was working closely with law enforcement agencies and sharing intelligence reports.

Officials say they regularly assess all possible security threats ahead of major events.

Election Day is Tuesday, and both Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump are holding their Election Day parties in New York City.

CBS News first reported of the potential threat.


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