November 5, 2016

James Otto:

there is a scene in the movie NERVE, where the driver must drive blind and the person riding with them are there EYES. They must increase to a speed to get paid as a player to the desire speed and they have a specific destinaton they are to drive two with a blind driver. you would expect impact if the passenger has depth perception problems with their vision: NERVE!!!! the movie
This is in the same area as the 14 yo hit crossing the street going to school? Are they saying if you walk or ride a bike they are going to hit you with car? Maybe it is like the movie nerve, you order it on the internet and they get paided to do it? I felt the detroit gangs had to do it to JOIN? so people walking and biking or jogging were deliberately run over. TWO in one area is beyond random? when one occurs people become more alert. Like in san francisco, to join the african gang you had to ride with the gang like appling and shoot any person white after 11PM to become a member. Just add nerve to it and you expanded you gangland tribe!!!
News article:

Search for suspect in fatal hit-and-run in Macomb Township

WXYZ – The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a deadly hit-and-run accident involving a bicyclist.

It happened near Hall Rd. and Romeo Plank around 1:23 a.m.

According to deputies, 29-year-old Kevin Fletcher was riding his bike home from P.F. Chang’s at Partridge Creek where he worked. He was crossing the intersection when he was hit by what deputies say is a silver sedan. That vehicle kept traveling north on Romeo Plank.An

Deputies say they are looking for two vehicles that could have been involved in the crash. One is a light-colored sedan and the other is a light-colored Jeep, possibly tan. The Jeep could have a damaged headlight.

It is not known if drugs or alcohol were a factor.


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